FIX screening in New York

After 35 festivals and 14 awards, Fix, a film directed by innovative and progressive filmmaker/photographer/musician Tao Ruspoli, premiers in NEW YORK CITY at the Village East Theater this Friday at 11AM. With a cast including Dazed and Confused actor Shawn Andrews and TV drama House M.D.‘s/Tao Ruspoli’s wife Olivia Wilde, the film has been hailed by Variety as “brash, cool and energetic” and “a wild ride,” while great American film director Oliver Stone commented on the “bold new style and talent” that Ruspoli showcases throughout.

In this energetic race-against-time film, Fix follows the 15 hour journey that documentary filmmakers Milo (Ruspoli) and Bella (Wilde) take across L.A. as they try to get Milo’s blown out brother Leo (Andrews) picked up from jail and dropped off into rehab before the deadline. Given until 8 PM to raise the $5,000 required to get Leo into the clinic, the trio manically rushes around various parts of an already extremely diverse city, meeting their fair share of interesting characters along the ride.

This “on the road” film expertly uses the diverse geography and character of Los Angeles to its advantage, taking you on a journey into a vividly seamy and colorful city–from a suburban police station in Calabasas through mansions in Beverly Hills, East L.A. chop shops, rural wastelands, and housing projects in Watts. As Leo tends to his various small and large-scale schemes that include borrowing $10 from a thumbcuff-jewelry artist, stealing an espresso machine, and selling an Italian police dog to a motorcycle gang, the trio encounters a cast of intricate characters who are all full of opinions and excuses. From married women, crazed lawyers, spiritual friends, unsavory mechanics, and understanding police, the mix of personalities play effectively into Ruspoli’s view of the city. And keeping the film on its exciting and engaging trajectory, the performances of Andrews as Leo, Wilde as an initially hesitant Bella, and Ruspoli in a dual role as Milo push the plot line to its ultimate touching conclusion. Filmed with fast motion, jump cuts, and dizzying angles, the film pulls off “dirty/edgy” while somehow remaining uniquely magical.

SO, if you happen to live in New York or know someone who does, the film, as an enthralling and exceptional independent feature, is a MUST SEE. For more information on the film premiere, head over to the Do512 website. For a chance to win FREE TICKETS to this NYC opening (only movie tickets, not travel…sorry), then click “I Like It!” on the event page. AUSTIN, TELL ALL YOUR NEW YORK FRIENDS! This is one premiere that should NOT be missed!


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