Beauty Bar Tomorrow Hosts “Biggest Dance Party EVER!”

“I would describe my music as well done comfort foods. It’s music you love presented in a way that is new and interesting – just like blue cheese mashed potatoes. I am not about impressing other DJ’s, but I am all about creating the biggest dance party ever!”

DJ Hot Britches!

Remember the first time you made someone a mixed tape (or CD…)? You put so much thought into every artist, song, and even the track order – all because you knew that special someone would love the music that you selected just for him/her. This is how Hot Britches! approaches DJing. He’s completely driven by audience enjoyment, and wants nothing more than for everyone to have a kickass time gettin’ sweaty on the dance floor.

You can catch him spinning at local hot spots around town several nights a week, but tomorrow he’s got something special in store for ya. Hot Britches! will be kicking off Austin’s Saturday night at 10pm with the “biggest dance party EVER” at Beauty Bar – so get there early! Following will be beloved local blog The Peen Scene‘s favorite band in Austin: MISSIONS, along with DJ Car Stereo (Wars). According to Jonathan Standefer of “DJ Car Stereo (Wars) always delivers an amazing and energized experience any time you’ve got your dancing shoes on. Beats and mash-ups so good they make you wanna slap your mama.”

Seriously, I can’t think of a better way to start a night out. Rally up your friends, grab some glow sticks, and be sure to stretch beforehand! See you tomorrow at 10pm for some Hot Britches!


November 21, 2009. Uncategorized.

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  1. The Peen Scene replied:

    Thanks for the shout out <3!!!

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