Cage the Elephant at Antone’s 12/1

So, December is upon us, and while delivering some pretty freaking cold weather to Austin (which I know only some of us enjoy), it also happens to bring some extremely bad ass music (which I know we ALL enjoy). Cage the Elephant, a Southern alternative American rock band led by brothers Matt and Brad Shultz, hail from Bowling Green, Kentucky– a small town best known for its manufacturing of Chevrolet Corvettes and Fruit of the Loom underwear, yet soon to be a town that makes it on the map due to this 5-piece group’s musical abilities. Currently out on tour, the band makes their way into Austin TOMORROW, December 1st, at 5th street legendary hotspot, Antone’s, playing alongside Austin bands Scorpion Child and SPEAK.

Cage the Elephant’s live performances, hailed by music critics both here and in the UK as eye-popping, exhilarating, and raucous, led them to be the talk of the town this past year at SXSW and to be singled out by USA Today as a band not to be missed at 2009’s Coachella Music Festival. With their debut album out in 2008 and topping American charts in 2009, the group’s genre-defying blend of rock and roll has been energetically propelled by lead singer Matt Schultz’s rhythmic vocal delivery, Brad Schultz and Lincoln Parish’s raw guitar skills, and bassist Daniel Tichenor and drummer Jared Champion’s steady rock grooves. Being hailed as “the mouth piece for disillusioned, working class America”, the group lyrically focuses on a social background where the choice between fighting a war no one understands and getting a dead-end job is inevitable. They come off the heels of tours with modern rock legends Queens of the Stone Age and Foals, along with showcases as a supporting act for bands such as the Silversun Pickups and Manchester Orchestra. Creating pure and passionate music that they love, Cage the Elephant is quickly becoming synonymous with the seductively raw rock-and-roll genre as they continue to tour with their killer live shows and exhibit their unique perspective on their craft.

The show starts tomorrow at 8 PM, so, make sure you get there early, party hard, and stay late because things are sure to get crazy. To get more information check out the event page and make sure to click I LIKE IT for a chance to win FREE TICKETS!!! See you there!



December 1, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. Oscar replied:

    I watched Scorpion Child blow both Cage and Speak out of the water. The band has no ceiling. Any record deal offers yet?

  2. samantha cross replied:

    i love u guys music i love ur style! your one of a kind your not afrid to be yourselfs dont change! keep up the good work!

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