Budweiser Presents: Lager Lessons Live

Whether you are an alcohol aficionado, an amateur drinker, or just plain curious about beer, Budweiser is coming into town next Tuesday, December 8th, and Wednesday, December 9th to present a unique and interactive event–Lager Lessons Live. This Budweiser hands-on learning experience will not only provide “beer lessons” to wisen you all up on the brew that you may or may not frequently consume, but it also plans on giving out ice-cold Budweiser to ensure that everyone has a killer time. So, if you long to know the difference between a Lager and an Ale or have been dying to master “the perfect pour”, Budweiser Lager Lessons Live is YOUR event, serving up the history of beer through comparative tastings, humor, wit, and education.

The whole shindig is taking place at DKR Texas Memorial Stadium in the Red McCombs Red Zone (located at the North end) next Tuesday and Wednesday from 7-9 PM. Because this event is private (and by invitation only), we are going to hook you all up with an RSVP!!! You HAVE to RSVP if you want to come out, and since space is limited, make sure you get there early with ID in hand so you can drink lots of beer and learn some new facts while you’re at it. Either head over to the event page to RSVP or click HERE. SEE YOU THERE!


December 2, 2009. Uncategorized.

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  1. BeerGuy replied:

    I wish they would come to my town.

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