Bus Stop Stallions CD Release with Seth Walker and Geron Hoy at Momo’s 12/12

As the cold (and the rain) continues on this dreadful week, why not take a chance to sit inside a warm bar and listen to funky soulful music played by some talented fellow Austinites? This Saturday, December 12th, the Bus Stop Stallions are throwing a big CD release bash at Momo’s over on west 6th, and not only will they be putting on one hell of a show, but guests will also be treated to music from sets by Seth Walker and Geron Hoy.

Before the Bus Stop Stallions hit the floor at midnight, Geron Hoy (the powerful folk rock singer/songwriter) and Seth Walker (the blues player described as “a little, white Ray Charles”) will be jamming out from 9 to midnight.

Geron Hoy is Austin-based, thankfully returning to his Texas roots after hopping around the map for a few years, and plays music described as “a marriage of young spirits and old souls, always authentic, and never cheap in sentiment.” With songs reminiscent of a bygone era, his live performances echo the same stripped down and raw talent of past legends.

And on top of that, Seth Walker, the man whose list of influences include legendary guitar players such as B.B. King and T-Bone Walker, will showcase his natural blues talent, which has been described by local Austin blues scene great, W.C. Clark, as music that is “rich with soul.” For the last 10 years, Walker has been honing his skills in this great city along with opening up for some of those blues legends he reveres including Ray Charles, B.B. King, Robert Cray, Jimmie Vaughan, and Aaron Neville. He describes his style as a “different point of blue” with songs that have a down-home style resonating with the emotions, power and simplicity that has established the Blues and Roots music tradition.

Following these great acts at 12, the Bus Stop Stallions will hit the floor and rock out the bar. This 7-piece, funk, dance music group formed in Austin in 2006 and have played their fair share of shows in some of Austin’s top music venues (including but not limited to: La Zona Rosa, Antone’s, Speakeasy, Light Bar, Aces Lounge, Headhunters, and RutaMaya). Having also toured extensively in California, Colorado, and other western states, the band comes to us this Saturday with a brand new CD, one that again showcases their 70s/80s funk-soul style with an edge of rock and roll. They list influences such as Sly and the Family Stone along with Stevie Wonder, and never fail to impress with their lineup of original jams mixed with innovative renditions of classic cover songs. And apparently they rock out some impressive live shows that will not only knock you off your feet, but also guarantee that you get your ass on the dance floor.

The ball gets rolling at 9, so make sure you come down, stay warm, and jam out to some great music this Saturday! Tickets are $10, but head over to the event page and click “I Like It!” for a chance to win a FREE pair of tickets! See you there!


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