After closing down its doors this summer for some exciting (and much-needed) renovations, STAR BAR (600 W 6th St; Downtown; 512.477.8550) has reopened with new management, a new look, and a new menu, re-claiming its spot at the top of West 6th’s swanky and upscale lounges. It was a sad day to see the beloved bar shut down in the end of June, but thankfully (and frankly, surprisingly) the bar’s makeover took no longer than the promised 5 months and now looks better than ever.

New management can be thanked for the plethora of changes that Star Bar has seen. Ranch 616 owner Kevin Williamson took the initiative to buy out the bar (along with the space between the 2 locations, which is rumored to be turned into a honky-tonk) in order to revitalize the old bar and its previous space. The building itself has seen quite the transformation with an added center bar, wrap-around glass windows, extra booth seating, and a back patio– successfully giving the whole place a new modern/desert chic vibe. And the drink menu has been revamped to be more stellar (yes, pun intended…I went there) than ever. With astronomically themed options (including drinks such as “Orion’s Margatini” and “The Little Dipper”) combined with cocktails of a desert/southwestern genre (such as the “El Mango Caliente” and “Desert Lemonade”), Star Bar’s menu definitely reflects the building’s fantastic makeover. (See full menu HERE).

Old patrons and West 6th fanatics can rejoice because Star Bar will be back on top of its previous game in no time. WELCOME BACK, Star Bar! The makeover did you good.


December 9, 2009. Uncategorized.

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