Bob Schneider with the Rocketboys, NEW YEAR’S EVE

So, we have yet ANOTHER New Year’s Eve bash to share with you kids, and this one should definitely not disappoint because it’s going to feature local Austin talent–the legendary Bob Schneider alongside his special guests, The Rocketboys–all going down at the beautiful Paramount Theatre.

To kick the whole evening off at around 9 PM, The Rocketboys will be jamming out before Bob rounds out the evening and rings in 2010. Formed back in 2005 in the small town of Abilene, Texas, The Rocketboys are a group of 5 college friends who have come quite a long way from playing to local kids in small venues to embarking on cross-country tours in some of the best venues in the country. Over the past 4 years the group has released 2 E.P.s, 2 live DVDs, and a debut full-length album (20,000 Ghosts), which “displays a new range of diversity and maturity in [their] music, while maintaining the pop-sensibility that fans have come to love” (to quote their guitarist).  With their humble beginnings, the Rocketboys have created an anthemic, ambient sound that matches the extensive Texas landscape from which they come, and as they strive to find a balance between lighter indie rock and darker “more atmospheric” sounds, they produce some infectious melodies that, frankly, you won’t be able to get out of your head. So far they’ve managed to amass a substantial fan-base and (thankfully, for us) now reside right here in Austin, where they will definitely be rocking our socks off this New Year’s Eve.

And if you’ve been in Austin for any substantial amount of time (or if you’ve ever listened to a radio), there’s really no need for me to tell you about Bob Schneider, the Austin based musician who, to this day, holds the biggest selling album in the history of Austin’s Waterloo Records. Schneider’s career spans some 20 albums, including 8 solo albums alongside those made with his band, which was a staple on the Austin music scene back in the ’90’s. After going solo in ’99, the artist has built an impressive following through his relentless touring, opening up for acts such as Stevie Nicks, Sheryl Crow and the Dave Matthews band while also headlining club and theater tours. As a musician, this man knows no boundaries, playing with a variety of musical genres like mambo, blues, country, Latin, swing, soul and even bluegrass, executing every one of them above and beyond expectation. His artistic skill and memorable shows have been an influence to many fellow musicians, such as Jason Mraz who happened to tell Rolling Stone that Schneider was simply “brilliant.” Coming off his album Lovely Creatures released in September, Schneider will be ringing in 2010 with some of his old hits and some fresh new favorites for us to enjoy.

Since it is Bob Schneider we are talking about here, you better bet this show will sell out pretty darn fast, so make sure you go to the Do512 page and BUY THOSE TICKETS. You even have a chance to win a FREE pair if you click “I Like It!” so there’s no reason not to pass this up. Make sure you celebrate this New Year’s Eve RIGHT by jamming out to some Austin talent! SEE YOU THERE!


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