Free Holidaze Joints from Slightly Stoopid

As a testament to the triumph of hard work, new technology and file-sharing, die hard fans, and the right tunes above the help of radio or MTV, Slightly Stoopid has found its own success in the true spirit of creating and believing in their free-spirited large and loyal fan base, aka Stoopidheads to spread the love, and energy infused jams.  In following the growing and popular trend of allowing music buffs and fans alike to download their favorite songs online for FREE, Slightly Stoopid has also chosen to take the “high” road on this mp3 movement. Slightly Stoopid would like to wish all of their fans Happy Holidaze with a special gift. So, Happy Holidaze friends! Go ahead and open one present early, get a little Stoopid, before the clock strikes 12 midnight and Santa comes sliding down the smoke shaft Christmas Morning.

Inhale this FREE DOWNLOAD of 7 Slightly Stoopid classics as a holiday gift to you in your choice of 320k mp3, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire. Included is the Stoned Saga, a four-track journey from The Longest Barrel Ride released as a one-track epic, and 6 other classic Stoopid joints. Open your present and enjoy your surprise. As stated on the band’s website and Facebook page, this download will be available until 11:59 PM Christmas Eve.

To receive your Holidaze gift visit Holidaze Friends!

Southern California’s Slightly Stoopid has set in stone a seedless sound by mixing reggae and punk sounds with acoustic rock and blues with a hit of hip-hop. The group – which features Miles Doughty (Guitar, Bass, Vocals), Kyle McDonald (Guitar, Bass, Vocals), Ryan ‘RyMo’ Moran (Drums), C-Money (Trumpet, Keyboard), DeLa (Saxophone), and Oguer ‘OG’ Ocon (Congas, Percussion, Harp, Vocals) possess a unique dynamic and kinship causing the buzz surrounding the group to continue to increase with each successive release – as their album catalog sales have topped the 500,000 mark, while the group has no problem filling prestigious concert venues throughout the world. They share a multitude of contemporary influences, such as Red Hot Chili Peppers, NOFX, Sublime and Wyclef Jean who’s sounds shine through, and hint towards Slightly Stoopid becoming the natural heir to the close-knit musical lineage, which spawned them.

As stated on their website, Slightly Stoopid has just completed their fall tour, but is now celebrating Stoopid’s drummer Rymo who is currently being featured on the pages of the Pearl Drums website! The article talks about Stoopid’s summer Blazed & Confused Tour, as well as Rymo’s brand new solo CD. Check it out HERE!

As part of the holiday spirit don’t forget to PASS THIS JOINT TO YOUR FRIENDS!



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  1. Greg Ackerman replied:

    Nice post Melissa. Been enjoying those tracks already courtesy of @EpisodePhive who might be a great contact for you if you’re involved in promoting good music. He seems to share your affinity for Dub Reggae. I enjoy it too.

    P.S. Feel free to link into my page

  2. Wayner replied:

    Nice post Melissa. Can’t wait to download my freebee.

  3. Megan Ridgway replied:

    love the post mel! you know how much I share your affinity for slightly stoopid. haha great job! i’m so proud of you! keep ’em comin’ girlfriend!

  4. Lily replied:

    Great job Melissa! Definitely downloading!

  5. SocialSoundSystem replied:

    Hell yeah! Great post on Stoopid. Love what these guys are doing! Sharing across my networks now

  6. Matt replied:

    Thanks for the post!…Their brothers from silverback management The Expendables are starting their Winter Blackout Tour with Iration and Passafire too…great music and lotz of smoke!!! see y’all there!!!

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