Who said the 80’s are dead? The 80’s are BACK! Hailing from South Wales, the 80’s gothic punk rockers of Gene Loves Jezebel will be performing in Austin on February 4th at MoMo’s.

Break out some acid wash jeans, chain metal and maybe throw in something metallic and come resusitate the glam rock era with Jay Aston’s Gene Loves Jezebel. You’ll be sure to totally ROCK OUT to axe man/lead singer and founding member of Gene Loves Jezebel, Jay Aston (sometimes referred to as King Jay Aston) at this 80’s revival performance.

Gene Loves Jezebel earned notable praise in the 80’s comparable to that of other classic rock giants such as The Rolling Stones and to this day still maintains a large fan base due to their ahead of the curve, creative talent. Their edgy sound consists of howling vocals, synthesizers and extreme electric guitars which makes for a killer pop-gothic combination. According to, the album The House of Dolls was their finest hour, with “Gorgeous” and “Suspicion” being great dark, romantic pop songs. The follow-up contained the hair-metal pop of “Jealous,” and seemed to complete Jezebel’s transformation to rock ‘n’ rollers. But the group continued to walk the line between sincere rockers and sincere gothic pin-ups for several years, long after the hits had faded away. Gene Loves Jezebel’s has made a great impression on the gothic rock genre and they have toured all over the world, including Brazil, Peru, France, Canada, the UK, South America and Mexico.

Despite recent internal conflict, things have settled down between twin brothers and original band members of GLJ, Michael and Jay Aston. They have decided to go separate ways, yet both still have rights to the band name “Gene Loves Jezebel”.

So, come check out Jay Aston’s Gene Loves Jezebel at MoMo’s on February 4th!



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