Exciting Changes for Momo’s in 2010!

Austin attracts countless creative and gifted professionals from a wide range of industries. With such a high concentration of eager entrepreneurs, it takes a lot of work, luck, and talent to generate an established seat in our fine community. So, it goes without saying that Austin’s live music scene is a tough nut to crack.

For over nine years, Momo’s has been a huge part of Austin music. Paul Oveisi, owner and operator, created the venue with the purpose of providing audiences with real live music. With intimate, high-quality live shows every night of the week, Momo’s has a reputation for encouraging and furthering the careers of local artists. In August, The Austinist quoted Oveisi saying, “I get an absurd amount of gratification from helping an artist or a band get up to its potential. It’s what keeps me going.” Paul Oveisi has a clear passion for inspiring musicians. Not only is he Dan Dyer‘s manager, but he also holds a seat on the Austin Music Commission and serves as chair of the Live Music Task Force. Paul Oveisi’s commitment to the improvement of Austin’s music industry is a major factor in the success of Momo’s.

The start of 2010 marks the beginning of some exciting changes for Momo’s. Modifications to the interior such as adding a green room and VIP area will definitely add to the venue’s already great vibe. There’s also talk of adding more road shows to the lineup, which is good news for local bands and listeners – not to mention the lucky touring musicians that get to play at Momo’s!

Definitely be sure to support local music/business and check out Momo’s regularly this Spring – they’ve got some exciting stuff lined up. You can always learn more about upcoming events on the venue’s page on Do512. As always, we’ll keep you updated on the great shows going on!



January 15, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. Manny Morales replied:

    I’ve been attending Momo’s on a regular basis since World Music/KUT 90.5 by Bemba Entertainment began. I have noticed some changes and look forward to others. But more importantly, the variety and quality of music and bands on Tuesday nights is exceptional. See you on Tuesday.

  2. Lynne Margolis replied:

    I love Momo’s. Don’t get there enough. could do without VIP area, though. The place’s intimacy is part of its charm, and segregation (i.e., stratification) in clubs turns me off. Part of Austin’s charm is the fact that we don’t put people up on pedestals just b/c they’re rich and/or famous. They can come here and hang out and be themselves. If it ain’t broken …

  3. Lynne Margolis replied:

    turns out it’s not gonna be a segregated VIP area after all, more like a green room addition. Much better.

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