KRS-One and MC Overlord at the Scoot Inn 2/13

As the month of February is now upon us, it is about time for everyone to start planning for the awesome shows that this month has to offer. In 2 weeks from now, on Saturday Feb. 13th, Rozone Productions is bringing Brooklyn-based MC, KRS-One, and Austin’s own MC Overlord to party at the Scoot Inn.

MC Overlord, who has won Austin’s “Hip Hop Artist of the Year” award for a record of 10 years, has been a huge figure on Austin’s hip-hop scene for the past couple of decades. With 9 albums released and a massive, loyal fan base, MC Overlord has been hailed by the Austin American Statesman as “The Godfather of ATX Hip Hop.” Remaining a hip-hop staple in our music driven city, MC Overlord combines his rapping skills with live bands in rock venues to create an entirely new music experience that extends beyond any stereotype of hip-hop music. And on February 13th, Austinites will get the chance of a lifetime to see this acclaimed artist play alongside the legendary KRS-One.

KRS-One (Kris Parker), a man who has performed under a variety of names including “The Blastmaster,” “The Teacha,” and “The Philosopher,” is a highly acclaimed American MC and producer whose claim to fame began almost 20 years ago as an integral part of Boogie Down Productions, an influential hip-hop outlet that became successful in the late 80’s. It was the shooting death of his friend and fellow BDP member, Scott La Rock, however, that propelled KRS-One onto the scene as his style shifted to a more politically and socially conscious rap. Heavily influenced by his friend’s death and Eastern philosophy, KRS-One (who later added the acronym “Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everyone” to his name) has received numerous awards for his pioneering of hip-hop music and culture. With forming the Stop the Violence Movement, aiming at curbing violence in hip-hop and black communities, and with founding the Temple of Hip-Hop, whose goal is to maintain and promote hip-hop culture, KRS-One has more recently received the 2007 BET Lifetime Achievement Award, and in 2009 he picked up the Living Legend Award from the Urban Music Awards. Over the past couple of decades, KRS-One has released 6 BDP albums and 14 solo albums that span genres from hard street rap to gospel productions, and with his long reign on the hip-hop music scene, it’s no surprise that while Parker has been in his fair share of rap feuds, he has continued to be one of the most significant and the most referenced MC in our lifetime.

And with the Scoot Inn being one of the premier Eastside Austin venues, there’s no doubt that KRS-One and MC Overlord will completely kill it come next Saturday. For more information about the show, head over to the event page and make sure you click “I Like It!” for a chance to win one of THREE pairs of FREE TICKETS! Hope to see you all there!


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