Anita Baker at Austin Music Hall – 2/12

With her beautifully smokey, deep voice, Anita Baker became one of the biggest-selling soul singers of the 80s. Her major label debut was released in 1986 via Elektra Records, and sold over six million copies. It was a platinum, Grammy-winning smash, appealing to both urban and adult contemporary listeners while producing two all-time quiet storm classics in “Caught Up in the Rapture” and “Sweet Love.”

As of today, Baker has won an impressive eight Grammy Awards to go along with four platinum and two gold albums. Her classy, refined brand of romantic soul music is influenced not only by R&B, but also jazz, gospel, and traditional pop. In 2004, after a decade away from the studio, Baker released a new album titled My Everything on Blue Note Records, which quickly landed in the Top 10 of the Pop and Soul charts and earned her yet another Grammy nomination.

Check out these flattering words from Soul Tracks:

“In many ways, it is difficult to believe Anita Baker has only released five albums, as her effect on Soul radio has been immense. Along with Luther Vandross, she virtually created Urban Adult Contemporary as a viable radio format in the 80s, and, while her music was more sophisticated and orchestral than today’s neo-Soul women such as Jill Scott and India.Arie, they owe a huge debt to Baker for demonstrating that a mature soul audience would buy CDs and for creating a pathway for artists to reach that audience.”

Anita Baker is back on tour in 2010, and will be performing at the Austin Music Hall on Friday, February 12. Point your browser to to pick up tickets, and be sure to click “I Like It!” on the Do512 event listing for a chance to win one of THREE pairs of free tickets.


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  1. ABfan replied:

    Anita Baker’s performance was absolutely Phenominal last night. She has an incredible voice and stage presence. I’ve always been a great fan of Anita Baker since her first release. It’s was also a special treat last night to see and hear Gerald Albright perform and Ray Chu directing on Keyboards. So the performance was great and those were the pros.

    Now for the cons: the Austin City Music Hall had very uncomfortable seating. Paying over $200.00 for a ticket, you expect much more. Now for the following I’m not sure where to place the blame. I know there are some things out of a performer’s control, however as a performer it’s your duty to mitigate issues to ensure you give the best to your fans and supporters. The concert was suppose to start at 8:00 pm. A hour and twentyfive minutes later is very inconsiderate to your fans wait. A friend that accompanied us to the concert mentioned prior that Anita Baker left a bad impression on her at a concert before. At this particular concert, my friend attended prior, other groups performed and came out on time. When it was Anita Baker’s time to perform, the fans had to wait over an hour for her to come out. I tried my best to defend Ms. Baker thinking perhaps it had to be something out of her control. After last nights almost 1 1/2 hour wait, it didn’t leave me much to defend.

    Ms. Baker please do your best in the future to be timely. It’s very inconsiderable to expect your fans to enjoy the entire experience when you’re untimely. People left the concert, people were falling asleep, complaining about having to get to work, hunger, etc.

    The comic was displeasing also. He only had a few good jokes and was ignored for most of his performance.

    It was also disturbing to see Ms. Baker constantly having to tell the sound technicians to adjust the sound. At one point in the performance she actually went over to the board to check the settings.

    Ms. Baker I’m still a great fan of yours and still think that you are one of the best female artist that has graced the planet. If the things I mentioned were out of your control at the time, then there is nothing you can do about that but take lessons learned for the next performance. As I understand it, Austin is the first stop for this tour. I wish you the best of success as you travel to other cities and bless the stage and your fans with your God given talent.


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