Review: New Found Glory at Emo’s

Although New Found Glory officially formed in 1997, it was the group’s self-titled second album, released in 2000, that pitched this 5-piece Florida band onto the scene and into the hearts of “emo” kids across the nation (well before that word became congruent with the melodramatic/constantly depressed/all-black, eyeliner wearing tween). As the band hit the major airwaves with their gold certified album and Billboard charted single (“Hit or Miss”), pop-punk became superfluous. Influenced by 90’s punk revival bands (such as Green Day and NOFX), New Found Glory pioneered a fusion of pop melodies into punk rock, which would be a style imitated and used by many bands to come. Coupled with this contribution to a music genre that (not going to lie here) permeated my junior high and high school years, the band’s long stint in a surprisingly relevant limelight has also earned them respect from a wide audience (including a severe cult following that I do not deny being a part of). Ten years and four albums later, New Found Glory has successfully solidified their place in the “new-school-punk” hall of fame, and in honor of that self-titled album that catapulted them into stardom, they kicked off a 10th anniversary tour that began last month.

This past Tuesday night NFG brought the show and the masses to Red River hotspot, Emo’s, playing alongside their friends: Saves the Day, hellogoodbye, and Fireworks. Although I missed the opening acts (which is what happens when you forget that it’s a Tuesday and everything goes on earlier), walking into a horde of screaming, raving, moshing pack of people, forced me to revert back to my 15-year-old self (screaming, raving, and moshing included). The crowd was eclectic, yet a perfectly fitting composite of a decade of die-hard NFG fans. Punked out teens and frat daddies mixed with Austin’s hipsters and 20-something rockers, creating a diverse yet harmonized mass of mad dancing, lyric shouting music lovers. As the band played through their sophomore album (with some other favorites thrown in), the cold weather became an irrelevant factor, as I jammed out and relived such a clutch moment from my own personal music history. And while I can’t assume everyone else was there for that reason, this was one of the first shows in a long time where the genre (whether people still listen to it or not) completely conquered the crowd, letting loose a massive mob of what would appear to be lifelong punk rock enthusiasts.

It ended almost as quickly as it began, and while Emo’s (cleverly) put on top 40 hits from 2k5 to usher everyone out of the venue, I couldn’t help but leave feeling like I had accomplished some great feat. With all the years that New Found Glory has been on the musical scene and with all the shows that I have missed over these years, I could not have imagined a better way to see them. Kicking ass and blasting their self-titled album to a crazy, diverse, and raving crowd, NFG definitely delivered an amazing and unforgettable 10th anniversary show.




February 5, 2010. Uncategorized.

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