Pack Your Day Party. Run your RSVP’s on Do512 for FREE

Attention Party-Throwers! During SX week (Mar 12-20), Do512 is offering FREE PROMOTION for Unofficial showcases and parties.  Party-throwers can use the Do512 RSVP feature to give their event tons of exposure and gather hundreds (or thousands) of RSVPs.

Do512 is the single most comprehensive information resource and planning tool for hundreds of official and unofficial SX parties. In the month of March, Do512 will receive over 300,000 visitors, most of them searching for the best parties during SXSW week.
This year we will not only provide a free listing of your event, but we will allow you to run your RSVP’s through Do512.  The RSVP tool is extremely beneficial in getting exposure for your event. Do512’s event listings are based on popularity, so the more RSVPs a party gets, the higher it will rise in the rankings for the day.  The most popular events will get tens of thousands of views during the week, and your party, the sponsors, and the bands will get invaluable exposure.  Do512 will manage the RSVP list and send you the list of names the morning of your event.   The top rated events will be included in our SXSW “Top 10 Free Parties of the Day” daily email blast to over 40k people during SXSW week.

It’s pretty much that simple.

Here are links to some events that we ran RSVPs for last year:

Navdo’s 13hr party (3018 RSVP’s)
Bullmoose/Covert Curiosity Party (2390 RSVPs)
Do512’s The Big One (5306 RSVP’s)
Koop Radio Day Party (964 RSVP’s)
The process is really easy to set up so let us know if you’re interested and we can get moving.

Additionally, If you REALLY want to give your event an an additional boost, we offer advertising packages starting at $500 for 7 days during and leading up to SX-week, and we will promote your event with ads on Do512, blog posts, our Top Picks emails (40k+ subscribers), and on our large communities on Twitter and Facebook.

For details or to get the process started, email:


February 9, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. Cliff B. replied:

    Never cease to amaze me. You guys are on top of things.
    I am glad you are helping the day shows and unofficial showcases. I wish you all the best luck this SXSW! I will spread the word.

  2. do512 replied:

    Thanks so much for the kind words Cliff! We really appreciate the support!

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