Dana Falconberry and Lost Werks at Do512 Happy Hour 2/25

As you all should know by now, Do512 is having a FABULOUS happy hour next Thursday (February 25th) at Opa Coffee and Wine Bar, the brand spanking new place to be over on South Lamar. Not only will we be having great drink and food deals and some bocce ball games, but we’re also providing some bad ass live music, in the form of the lovely Dana Falconberry and the rockin’ Lost Werks, on Opa’s live music stage.

The Lost Werks is an Austin-based music project, formed by Jason Blanchette, a classically trained bass player who decided to try his luck on a different Austin scene. Creating a unique sound centered around blues, pop, funk, and rock vibes, the band produces an intriguing sound that echoes a wide variety of musical genres. They name legends ranging from Rufus Wainwright to Prince as inspiration for their emotionally raw pieces, and they commit themselves to a self-proclaimed dedication: creating organic songs that resonate with listeners from all walks of life.

Dana Falconberry, a transplant to Austin from Dearborn, Michigan, grew up with a passion for dance, yet never forgot the feel for the music that she grew up around. After falling in love with the American South going to school in Conway, Arkansas, Falconberry began her music career, playing guitar and writing and singing songs. She’s resided here in Austin for about four years now, and the local media has exploded with love and praise for her unconventional talent. Austin Chronicle has hailed her voice as “deceptively powerful… at once capable of achieving a hushed intimacy and a dynamic potency,” and local blog, Austin Town Hall, argues that she has the “best and most entrancing voice of any female singer currently residing in the town.” With her folk-inspired and low-key melodies combined with earnest and playful lyrics, Falconberry is definitely an Austin act that has potential to make it big.

If you have yet to hear either of these brilliant Austin acts, then you are missing out. Make sure you head over to the Do512 Happy Hour event page to RSVP. SEE YOU THERE!


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