Do512 Happy Hour at Cedar Door! The Canvas Waiting + The Lennings!

We were blown away by The Canvas Waiting when we saw them play at Momo’s back in September. No doubt the group rocks hard with full band. But for one of their residencies that month the guys made the  executive decision to take it down a notch, and kick it acoustic style. As is the case with most concert-goers, this typically means I spend more time talking and less time listening. (Let’s be honest, you are the same way.) That’s definitely not what happened with The Canvas Waiting. That performance totally sold me on this band. Nathan Medina’s awe-inspiring vocal chops are completely showcased in the band’s acoustic set. That guy can straight up wail! In a very pleasant way, of course. Not to mention the undeniable skill level of the group as a whole. With Josh Rodgers on percussion and Colin Campbell on guitar, The Canvas Waiting truly comes together to create an intimate and sincere performance. And their songs are sincerely good!

Needless to say, I was so pumped to learn that The Canvas Waiting would play the Do512 Happy Hour at Cedar Door. Definitely give them a listen, and come hear them play on Tuesday. They’re going to kill it. Don’t miss it. Just don’t. Also, we got  THE LENNINGS to play before The Canvas Waiting! Have you heard this local band yet? I saw them play back in early November at the Bleet-Up at The Mohawk and they are GOOD. Seriously, I’m listening through their Myspace right now – it’s a fantastic band. You have got to hear them. Check out the tracks they’ve got up, then come to the Do512 Happy Hour at the Cedar Door! Here’s a video for their song “Section C” –

Not only is the event rockin’ a sweet lineup, but we have some stellar specials for attendees as well. There’s 1/2 off ALL APPETIZERS, $3 off Cedar Door’s famous Mexican Martinis, $1.50 PBRs, and $2 Miller Drafts! I can’t think of a better way to wind down after the workday, can you? Meet me at Cedar Door Tuesday, February 23, at 7pm, and we’ll talk about it. Be sure to check out the event listing on Do512 for more details and to RSVP. See ya on Tuesday!



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  1. » trivia happy hour spreadsheets music Fine Arts Career Services replied:

    […] Tonight Do512 is hosting a Happy Hour at Cedar Door form 7-10pm. I’m really looking forward to it! We (K, M, a few non-Do512 employees, and me) went to Cedar Door last Thursday night to check it out and see their weekly live band karaoke. Luckily the space where the band plays is inside in the warmth and away from today’s snow, rain, and ice. There are a lot of great specials on food and drink offered for the event, but I am most excited about the bands we have tonight – The Canvas Waiting and The Lennings. The Canvas Waiting is a very talented local indie rock band that I’ve seen a few times. They’re playing an acoustic set tonight, about which I would normally not be too enthused, but this band actually does a really impressive job playing acoustic. Nathan’s voice is way better showcased and you, as an audience member, can better take in the earnest lyrics and melodies characteristic of the groups songs. I’ve only seen The Lennings live once, and I couldn’t hear them too well, but last week I listened to the tracks on the band’s myspace and was seriously blown away. This sounds weird, but I wasn’t expecting them to be that good. But they ROCK. Seriously, I’d venture to say they’re one of the best local bands I’ve heard. I wrote a blog post about the event tonight at Cedar Door and the featured bands here. […]

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