Do512 Shout-Out: Speakeasy

Resting a good stone’s throw away from the rowdy college crowd on dirty 6th, Speakeasy is the multi-tiered, Warehouse district lounge most known for its one-of-a-kind terrace view, dark wood decor, and live music experiences. With a name that carries a roaring 20’s, bootleg liquor vibe, the bar exudes the era with its hardwood finishes and antique furnishings. But having three expansive levels and a famous rooftop patio that has attracted a variety of crowds, Speakeasy has managed to overcome the stereotypes of its name and ease modernity into its relaxed, yet swanky, ambience.

Speakeasy‘s spacious location is comprised of three unique rooms: the Main Room with Mezzanine VIP, the Kabaret Room with Mezzanine VIP and the Rooftop Lounge (aka Terrace59). With a live stage and local Austin jam bands performing nightly (at 9:30pm), the bottom floor and Main Room of Speakeasy provides a spacious dance floor for all to get their groove on, while others, who wish to lounge, can visit the upper Mezzanine level that offers antique plush couches, pool tables, TVs, and bar. Also on the bottom floor, the Kabaret Room (which is an updated addition to the expansive Speakeasy layout) brings the another major dance party to the joint, blasting house music nightly from the DJ booth. Available to be rented out for parties, the room also offers an upper level Mezzanine VIP lounge that looks over the dance floor. And, finally, don’t let anything deter you from climbing the 59 stairs up to the top. Offering a panoramic view of Austin’s idyllic downtown, the covered Terrace59 (no doubt the most famous tier of the bar) gives you (and a large group) the chance to sit around candle-lit tables, while listening (or dancing) to DJ’s spinning some hip tracks, rain or shine.

With the capacity to hold about 900 people (talk about a PARTY), Speakeasy has been offering multiple experiences for a vast amount of downtown goers for about 12 years now. If you have yet to visit this upscale party joint, then head on down to 6th and Congress for the perfect place to drink, dance, and take in an unparalleled view of our fabulous city. With happy hour on Tuesdays through Fridays from 4-7pm and live bands/DJs on regular rotations, there’s not reason not to check out this Do512 favorite. Head over to the bar’s Do512 page to find out what all’s going on at Speakeasy any night of the week, and make sure you friend them on Facebook and follow them on twitter. Hope to see you there!


February 19, 2010. Uncategorized.

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