Tegan & Sara at Bass Concert Hall 2/26

Music is about the closest thing to time travel that we have these days, and listening to this Canadian indie-pop/rock duo transports me to a rainy November in high school when themed CD mixes were all the rage and Tegan & Sara dominated just about every one of them (most notably my self-titled BAD DAY mix where their songs showed up alongside poignant tunes from the likes of David Gray, Death Cab, and Third Eyed Blind). I have painfully vivid images of driving down suburban streets in my “rugged” Jeep (post-break up), blasting “So Jealous” and “Walking with a Ghost” in hopes of some sort of cathartic release of emotions that would surely come from these girls’ emotional lyricism . But, regardless of how nostalgic I get when I hear this group, it absolutely thrills me to announce that the duo are coming to Austin’s very own Bass Concert Hall on Friday, February 26th as part of a tour celebrating the release of their sixth album, Sainthood, which was released last October.

The pixie-haired identical twins, Tegan and Sara Quin, have been indie darlings ever since the release of their first album in 1999, and with the subsequent release of 5 other albums, the twins have reached national and worldwide acclaim, touring alongside a long list of musical geniuses (including Neil Young, The Killers, Ben Folds, Gogol Bordello, Cake, Death Cab for Cutie, Rufus Wainwright, Ryan Adams, and Weezer) and playing numerous festivals (such as Lilith Fair, Coachella, Lollapalooza, ACL, Bonnaroo, etc). Known on stage, in between songs, for their quirky sisterly banter and humorous anecdotes from teenage years and life on the road, the duo brings a refreshing stage presence. And that presence combined with their catchy tunes, conceived by a unique creative process, makes the twins rather unforgettable and incredibly alluring. While both girls contribute equally to vocals and instruments, they write separately and whoever writes the song usually takes the lead on the piece, giving way to an album that illustrates an intricate mix of talent from both sisters.

Their sixth album, Sainthood, however, takes a step away from this process, and represents the first time that the twins have ever written together on music. Self-describing the album as “inspired by emotional longing and the quiet actions we hope may be noticed by the objects of our affection”, Tegan & Sara address a variety of themes, including devotion, delusion, and exemplary behavior in the pursuit of love and relationships. While not straying far from their previous sound, the two acknowledge that they wanted to face a challenge in collaborating together. But however different the process must have been for the sisters, they managed to create another exemplary album that further solidifies their place as the most favorable indie duo this decade.

With the concert happening next week, it’s probably time to get these tickets before they (most likely) sell out. Bass Concert Hall offers tiers of ticks ranging from $35 to $15 (students only) which can be accessed through the Do512 event page. The concert starts at 8, and, if you ARE a student, don’t bank on those cheap $15 tickets (they are LIMITED!). Head over to the event page for more information, and hopefully see you all there!



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