25th Anniversary of the Funniest Person in Austin Contest

Do you live in Austin? Do you consider yourself a comedian? Do you believe that you can dominate all others and sweep the title of THE Funniest Person in Austin? DO YOU WANT TO WIN MONEY FOR IT? Then this contest is made for you. Every Monday beginning April 5th until May 17th, aspiring Austin comedians will get a chance to compete in Cap City Comedy Club‘s annual Funniest Person in Austin contest, which happens to be coming up on its 25th anniversary.

What are the prizes, you ask, BESIDES the rights to walk around town like a bad-ass?




These aren’t cracker jack prizes, kids. This money is some SERIOUS incentive to head over to the event page and sign up to parade your comedic wit before all of Austin. All you have to do is register before MARCH 29th (which is NEXT Monday) and start preparing your quick jabs and hilarious anecdotes so that you can be sure to impress the crowd and to garner some chuckles.

But even if you aren’t participating in the contest, make sure you go to watch it all go down! $1 of every ticket sold during the contest will be donated to the Austin’s Children Shelter OR you can donate two cans of food for the Austin Food Bank for FREE admission!

Make sure you head over to the event page to learn more information. GOOD LUCK TO ALL!


March 24, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. Anonymous replied:

    Spin1 Funny Videos

  2. Ryan Tucker replied:

    I would love to have the chance to be in the contest.

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