4th Annual NFL Celebrity Weekend 4/1 and 4/3

Even though some of us are still getting our lives back in order after SXSW, it’s time to re-energize and get ready for another country-wide invasion of Austin because the All-Pro Texas Relays are coming into town. This year, for the 4th year in a row, TeamBBC.com–a national promotion and marketing group dedicated to bringing clients a higher level of nightlife experience–will be throwing TWO killer parties (April 1st at The Madison and April 3rd at The Belmont) for their annual NFL Celebrity Weekend, hosting some of the NFL’s biggest names that will be in town and celebrating the weekend in style.


Tomorrow is not only April Fool’s Day (DON’T FORGET), but it also marks the kick off of Texas Relays and the spectacular bash that will start it all: Pandora. TeamBBC is taking over the luxe 5th street bar, The Madison, and turning the club’s nightlife Austin vibe into an “electric circus” for us to party. From 9pm to 2 am, this will definitely be the perfect place to party the night away in your swanky attire and rub shoulders with some of your favorite sports celebs.

April 3rd: The Belmont

And to close off Texas Relays, ensuring the most memorable and spectacular event of the entire weekend, TeamBBC is bringing us yet ANOTHER party on Saturday at the classy Austin 6th street staple, The Belmont. Hailing the return of “the crown jewel of last year’s Texas Relays”, TeamBBC aims for this bash to be, by far, the grandest party of the weekend. So come, bring your friends, make sure you are dressed to impress, and look out for those hot football players.

And just who might those NFL players be, you ask? The weekend host committee includes:

Michael Huff–Oakland Raiders

Michael Griffin–Tennessee Titans

Derrick Johnson–Kansas City Chiefs

Trent Shelton–Seattle Seahawks

Jonathan Scott–Buffalo Bills

Kasey Studdard–Houston Texans

Roy Williams–Dallas Cowboys

Doug Gabriel–Oakland Raiders

Roderick Babers–Detroit Lions

Stanford Routt–Oakland Raiders

Paul Gaffney–Globe Trotter

Kevin Mathis–Dallas Cowboys

B.J. Johnson–Denver Broncos

Sloan Thomas–Houston Texans

Keith Mitchell–Jacksonville Jaguars

Jeff Blake–Cincinnati Bengals

Winfred Tubbs–San Francisco 49ers

Ahmad Brooks–Buffalo Bills

All events are 21 and up, and dress code will be strictly enforced. But these are some parties that you don’t want to miss! Head over to the event page to learn more information and to get tickets!


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