Localiter: Where Sweet Deals are Made

A while back we called on our beloved Austin businesses to invest in Localiter–an Austin-based internet company that connects with the best places in Austin to bring all us “localites” unparalleled discounts and deals. Now, it’s time for us to spread the word to all of you frugal consumers who are looking to save some serious cash money! As a struggling college student, myself, there’s nothing I love more than spending way less than I should on something completely awesome. And, thankfully, Localiter has been the perfect companion for this endeavor.

How does it work, you ask? In order to receive one of Localiter’s thrifty deals, all you have to do is subscribe on their website, and when you come across a deal that you simply have to have, click BUY NOW and then TELL YOUR FRIENDS. In order to honor the daily deals that the website offers, Localiter requires a set number of users to commit to paying for it. Although hardly a problem (because the deals are so damn rad), it’s still important to spread the word about whatever daily deal you desire, so that you can still receive it! And don’t worry… the work is not ALL on you. Localiter does a fine job getting the word out on their end (via Facebook, Twitter, friends, parties, magic, etc.), and, in the rare/depressive off-chance that not enough “localites” sign up for the deal, Localiter doesn’t charge you! So, basically, the whole situation is win-win; you have absolutely no reason NOT to invest in what this company has to offer (unless you like spending lots and lots of money and are absolutely no fun).

Each day, Localiter offers a brand-spanking new deal from one of Austin’s many eclectic businesses, and just so you don’t have to remember to check their website every freaking day, they e-mail you to give you a heads up on what the deal of the day is! For example, this morning I got a lovely e-mail detailing Localiter’s discount for today: 67% off twelve, one-hour boot camp sessions (courtesy of Training Evolved), which equates to approximately one month of kicking your ass into shape in preparation for this summer! Usually priced at around $300, Localiter is offering up the boot camp for $99–saving your/my piggy bank a whopping 200 bucks. And they only need FIVE people to buy it for you to successfully get the deal. So for those of you who need to tighten your wallets (and your abs), head over to the Localiter website to get that deal today!

It is discounts like this that make Localiter the number one stop for those of you who want to save a buck and still interact with some of the best Austin businesses. Here at Do512, we are very proud call Localiter one of our friends, and we encourage EVERYONE to check out their website. Remember, you can’t get those deals unless more people do it… so tell your friends and GO GET THOSE DEALS!


April 7, 2010. Uncategorized.

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