Rozone Productions Presents: The Nutty Brown Country Concert Series

If your anything like us at Do512, then you probably have come to terms with your addiction; your live music addiction. We also understand that, like us, you most likely take the time to budget out a portion of your monthly earnings to contribute to this uncontrollable live music habit. It’s an expensive habit, we know, but we only encourage it, and so do our friends at Rozone Productions, who have come up with a fantastic way to help feed your fix and lock down some major concerts without breaking the bank.

Throughout the months of April and May the Nutty Brown Café will be showcasing four chart topping country artists and Rozone Productions will be offering a low priced packaged deal. Each show is individually priced at $35, but by purchasing the package of all four shows for $120 you will save over $20. That’s the cost of another show! C’mon everyone! Lets maximize how much live music you are getting in your life!

On April 24th come see Blake Shelton. With his 16th consecutive song on the top 40 Hottest Country songs chart, Blake Shelton spreads infectious smiles with his performances of pure hillbilly energy.

Clint Black, who’s musical talent has awarded him numerous hits that have reached #1 and was recently recognized for his song writing abilities and inducted into the Texas Songwriter’s Hall of fame will be performing on April 30th.

On May 15th catch Gretchen Wilson’s newly released tracks from her brand new album, I Got Your Country Right Here. Her sincere passion for country music is what has propelled her in 2005 to win “Best New Artist” at the American Music Awards and has since sold over 6.2 million albums.

As a self-proclaimed ‘mean fiddler player’, The Charlie Daniels Band has been entertaining the masses with authentic, tap your boot, country music for over 50 years. The Charlie Daniels Band will be performing on May 29th.

Rozone Productions is one of the leading production companies in Austin, Texas providing its clients with an over-the-top live music experience, utilizing cutting edge technology. Rozone Productions prides itself on providing the ultimate visual experience with the use of a modern type of lighting called versa TUBES for all of their shows.

So, don’t miss out on these four amazing country shows in one low priced bundle. For more info on tickets and dates click HERE!


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