Chick-fil-A Leadercast 5/7

If you are like most people, the term “leadership conference” probably seems far from appealing, immediately conjuring images of ancient, monotone speakers, cheesy group dynamic games, and a variety of soggy sandwich trays.  The Chick-fil-A Leadercast, however, strives to be quite the opposite of this. Taking place in Austin on May 7th at St. David’s Church (over on E. 8th), GiANT Impact’s 10th annual global leadership event broadens its focus (and its mission) to develop leaders at all levels, all positions, and all stages.

“One community. One business. One person at a time.” The people behind the Chick-fil-A Leadercast understand that leadership is more than just learning “life lessons” from an uninteresting old man and more than just using your personal status or experience in the “real world”. To them, leadership is about leading by example–being a part of an organization that maintains order during chaos and courage during adversity. And a leader lays the foundation for this, being one who comes to the table with strength, guidance, vision, and hope.

And how exactly do they plan on translating their vision into a “leadership conference”? Because the people behind Leadercast have been to all those boring leadership events that you automatically associate with, they have crafted their conference to engage all your senses and to provide a truly experiential day of leadership training. Not only will the event be relevant and practical, but it will also completely energize and inspire you–acting more like a catalyst for long-time change rather than a single one-time event of motivation. Emceed by Sachi Koto (former CNN anchor) and Tripp Crosby (comedian, director, and blogger), the event will see a variety of speakers that range from the retired head coach for the Indianapolis Colts (Tom Dungy) and a former staff member of National Geographic (Steve Uzzell) to an expert in psychology of human behavior (Connie Podesta) and a neurosurgeon (Ben Carson). It’s designed to be entertaining and to help you be the one in your community to actually make a difference–and a lasting one at that.

Ticket prices for the event include admission, lunch, a workbook, and parking. The event is exclusive so the capacity is limited. In other words, get your tickets NOW because not only will space fill up fast but the early bird special price also goes away after April 21. To get tickets and to check out some more information, make sure you head to the Austin Leadercast site! I hope you all attend!


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