Honeybrowne Live at Mi Casa Cantina 4/29


If you don’t have any plans yet for next Thursday, April 29th, then you probably need to go check out one of Do512’s favorite place for drinks and live music on dirty 6th, Mi Casa Cantina, because not only will you get to find out why we love it, but you will also get to hear some amazing live music–courtesy of Texas band, Honeybrowne.

Honeybrowne, fronted by born and raised Texan Fred Andrews, is a country/rock group who debuted their musical talent back in 2001 with their first album (Finding Shade). Almost ten years later, the band has managed to amass a large Texan fan base as they travel “Mile by Mile” (which happens to be the name of their most recent album), becoming a staple in the Texas music circuit. Hailing from Victoria, Texas, Andrews grew up with music in the fam. With a dad who played guitar/piano, a mom who played piano/violin, and a constant influence from classic pop masters and Texas tradition, it’s no wonder that Fred came out playing drums at the age of three and switching to guitar in his college years. Now a dad himself, Andrews continues to express his love of music through his strong songwriting skills and impressive live performances. Honeybrowne makes music for a living, but they recognize that they’re in the game for the “long run” rather than a “short sprint”. Andrews admits, “We’re not trying to get a record deal from Nashville, we’re not trying to have a big entourage and big bus, though those are neat things. I never wanted to be major label act playing arenas with a 10-piece band. I’d love to instead have something like John Hiatt’s career. If that were ever bestowed on me, I would feel like I’d lived 100 lives.”

At this point, Andrews says, he’s a “lifer”–twelve years into the game and he’s still in it step by step. Next Thursday, make sure you catch the band’s fantastic set at Mi Casa Cantina! For more information and to get tickets, head over to the event page. Click “I Like It!” for a chance to win a pair of FREE TICKETS, and hopefully see you there!


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