All-Star Spotlight: Austin Bloggy Limits

“I shall listen and enjoy until you listen and enjoy at which point it becomes trite and banal. I’m bored with it, must surf and destroy pop culture. Scrobbling, logging, and blogging as I trudge through this dense fabric so you don’t have to.”

Austin Bloggy Limits
First Post, May 6, 2008

Austin Bloggy Limits started back in May 2008 as an outlet for musical findings and critiques. It immediately established itself as a high-quality, reliable resource for Austin’s music lovers and concert goers. Ben Wintle, a writer for Austin Bloggy Limits, has a distinct affinity for Austin (particularly the ’04), music, and those two combined.

As a veteran of the Austin music scene, Ben has observed the ins and outs of live shows around town. One of his favorite venues is The Parish because of its intimate sound. He also expressed gratitude for its miraculous ability to not pack the audience in like sardines with overselling. Another one of Ben’s favorite local venues is the Mohawk, or, as he called it, Austin’s “Rock ‘n Roll Fortress.” The place’s multilayered outdoor space, intimate inside stage, and expert booking all contribute to its high regard among locals and beyond.

Ben checks out tons of shows and loves supporting good music. Naturally, he appreciates the various perks of his status as “blogger” like free CD’s, media passes, and the chance to meet the artists. He does make an excellent point that blogging is similar to having a second job, which is tough when so many expect you to work for free. Staying one step ahead of the rest of the community and trends takes a lot of time! If you read Austin Bloggy Limits, you know that they do an excellent job of informing Austin of what’s good and new.

Austin Bloggy Limits and Ben Wintle have watched the Austin music scene evolve over the past few years, taking note of the changes. Ben pointed out the interesting shift in caliber of bands playing at smaller venues. With the continuously increasing concentration of Austin music, a band’s quality is crucial for survival. This is great for concert goers like us because we have so many fantastic opportunities to hear truly good music in intimate settings. Ben also drew an interesting conclusion from the recent MIA and Lady Gaga controversy – an artist should be a character. By this, he means that a band’s success is likely to be greater if it has a distinct and marketable brand. Ultimately, Ben wouldn’t change anything about the Austin music scene, except perhaps the occasional sub-par sound system and the content of Austin Radio.

Ben expects great things from local bands such as Ume and L.A.X., and encourages everyone to check them out live. L.A.X. has a gig at Beauty Bar this Friday (April 30), and the L.A.X. Official CD Release is at The Parish on May 20. Ume’s next big performance is May 28 at Mohawk for Chaos in Texas. You can read more about these bands and keep updated on all things music/Austin at Austin Bloggy Limits – hit it up!


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  1. Sarah replied:

    Ben Rocks!!!

  2. Bill replied:

    He certainly has an ear for what sounds good to the discerning fan or audience. Keep up the great work!

  3. » Cinco de Mayo + Show N Tell Fine Arts Career Services replied:

    […] Remember that interview I told you about with Austin Bloggy Limits? I finally finished that All-Star post last week, and I really like how it turned out. He tweeted later that his site traffic doubled that day! Crazy… You can check out the blog post here. […]

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