car2go Launches Rent-By-The-Minute Car Service to all Austin Residents Starting May 21

You’ve seen more and more of them buzzing around town, taking over the streets.  Where did they come from, and how do they work?

car2go’s pilot program launched in Austin in November of 2009, making the vehicles available only to employees of the City of Austin and select businesses. On Friday, May 21, car2go will open its on-demand car service to all Austin residents with a good driving record.

Here’s how car2go service works:

1. You register in advance on car2go. (FREE until May 17, $35 after that). Have your driver’s license ready. The process takes about 10 minutes, but it’s totally safe and secure, and you’ll never have to do it again.

2. Either pick up your car2go card at the Rock, Register and Drive event on May 21 at Republic Square Park. OR it will be mailed to you after May 22.

3. When you are ready to take car2go for a spin, use their nifty car2go Finder site or iPhone app to locate one of over  200 vehicles in the heart of central Austin. You will almost always be able to locate a vehicle within a couple of blocks of where you are standing.

4. Walk up to the car, hold your card to the window. If the car is available, the door will open. Swipe your card, enter your pin number,  and drive off.

5. car2go will bill your credit card at the rate of $.35 per min, or $12.99 per hour. car2go gets rid of all the hassles of owning your own car.  That one per-minute fee includes your gas, insurance, maintenance, and even parking. That’s right, you can park at any metered parking space downtown, or in designated car2go parking spaces, for free. Best of all, unlike a rental car, you only have to pay for the time you are actually driving. You are not obligated to pay for the vehicle while it is parked, as long as it is in the coverage zone.  It’s fun and easy, cheaper than a cab, and good for the planet.

Here’s a cool little video explaining how it works:

On Friday, May 21, car2go will celebrate its public launch with Rock, Register and Drive a free, family-friendly concert at Republic Square Park, featuring Joe Ely, The Black & White Years, The Gourds, Del Castillo, and The Lemurs. Pre-Register by May 17 for a FREE membership, and come down to the event to pick up your card.  RSVP  on Do512 for an opportunity to win one of Ten (10)  60-minute Free Trial cards.


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