Mexican Wrestler Cinco De Mayo Fiesta at Terrace59

With May right around the corner, it’s about time to start thinking about what you’re going to be doing for (one of my favorite holidays of the year)… CINCO DE MAYO! In case you are unaware of the history of this famous Mexican holiday, Cinco De Mayo commemorates the victory of Mexican militia over the French army at The Battle of Puebla in 1862 (not, like commonly assumed, Mexican Independence Day). But, primarily, it’s a regional holiday celebrated in Mexico, yet, in the American spirit, it is a holiday that has appeared on most of our calendars because it gives us another reason to go out and party on a week night. Next Wednesday, spend this Mexican holiday with some traditional Mexican costumes, special guests, and your favorite Mexican drinks by heading over to the most famous (and picturesque) outdoor spot in Austin–Speakeasy’s Terrace59–to catch the Mexican Wrestler Fiesta!

At 7PM next Wednesday, Terrace59 will be throwing a Cinco De Mayo bash that will put others to shame. With frozen margaritas, fresh mojitos, and $1 off your favorite Mexican beer (Dos Equis), come enjoy the DJ skills of Mike Swing (who happened be named A List’s Best Club DJ in 2009) for a party like no other. Because it is Cinco De Mayo, and because it is a Mexican Wrestler Fiesta, arrive dressed in your best Mariachi or best Lucha Libre costume (a.k.a. Mexican wrestler… so, think along the lines of a toned-down version of Nacho Libre) to win some awesome prizes! And keep a look out for a guest appearance by Carlito the Mariachi Man who will be running around, no doubt, serenading guests with his famed stringed instrument performance.

It’s a CINCO DE MAYO party not to be missed! Head over to the Do512 event page for more information, and SEE YOU THERE!


April 28, 2010. Uncategorized.

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