Rebecca Loebe, Danny Malone, The Blue Hit, Green Mountain Grass at Momo’s 4/30

Momo’s will be showcasing a magical musical compilation of four unique artists THIS Friday on April 30th and you definitely don’t want to miss it. In an age where most music is created digitally and beats are looped, beeped and bopped it is refreshing to get the opportunity, such as this, to witness genuine lyrical, vocal and instrumental talent preformed by truly artistic individuals.

Starting at 8pm Rebecca Loebe, indie-folk singer and songwriter from Atlanta, Georgia, will fill the air with her sweet voice. As a self-motivated performer, Rebecca Loebe has propelled herself up the ranks making quite a name for herself by touring across the country and is now proud to say she is working on her first full length album. With her sultry voice and impeccable finger picking skills on her acoustic guitar, Rebecca Loebe lets the audience in on her life by telling stories through her songs that will touch you and stay with you long after.

Next, Austin’s own Danny Malone will be belting out his heart-aching, melodious songs at 9:30. As a personal favorite of the Do512 crew, Danny Malone integrates various styles of art and dance enveloped in his vocals creating an emotionally riveting indie-folk sound. With Danny on his acoustic guitar paired with his two musical accomplices you cant help but also hear a hint of soul and pop to ultimately create a layered sound that not only pulls at your heart strings but will also make you want to get up and maybe, just maybe, do a twirl or two.

Another true Austin delight, The Blue Hit will get up on stage at 10:45. This trifecta is a testament to the saying “less is more”. With a hint of jazzy sounds made by a guitar and a cello, lead singer, Grace Rowland, captivates audiences with purely engaging and edgy vocals. The combination of this intimate instrumentation and free-spirited vocals allows The Blue Hit to be utterly compelling and as the band says themselves, “We write music from our hearts. We love to make music and we do it with the purest of intentions.” And that is precisely what they do.

Finally the Green Mountain Grass will get up on stage at 12:15 and will leave you in “a self-induced psychedelic frenzy” into the wee hours of the night. To have found a foursome of sharp talent as fantastic as the Green Mountain Grass is quite the rarity, which is why you would be foolish to miss this performance. With such talent on the mandolin, fiddle, banjo, guitar and upright bass, this group has delved deep into their musical talent banks and has come up with a self-proclaimed genre called “gonzograss”. “Gonzograss” is the combination of traditional bluegrass, gypsy swing, folk, funk, reggae, and jazz with an end result described by the band as “melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic mastery with elements of sarcasm, quotes, humor, and exaggeration.”

Don’t forget to go to Do512 and Click “I Like It!” for a chance to win a pair of FREE TICKETS!



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  1. Elexia replied:

    Can’t wait for this show!!

  2. Audrie Crook replied:

    Your Internet site is much cherished. Thank the author so much for presenting a lot of useful post.

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