Do512 Shout Out: The ND at 501 Studios

The ND at 501 Studios is by no means a “new” venue. You might have known this music hot spot under its previous name (The Independent), but just because it went through a slight nominal change, don’t think for a second that the venue’s brand has faltered. With their dedication to innovative diversity and music that caters to kids “in the know”, the ND has been one of our favorite venues for some time now. And it should be yours as well.

As one of the largest (and relatively sole) music venues east of I35, The ND (located between 5th and 6th) dominates the music scene outside the concentration of downtown, yet inside the slowly-being-tapped, artistic reserve of the East Side. Since its inception almost a year ago, it has quickly become an unwavering staple for live music in a neighborhood that has seen massive growth. Accurately representing and augmenting the area’s character, it combines the love for art and music in a studio atmosphere that hopes to bring the Austin community together. Innovation flourishes, and the clientele–usually a combination of the young tastemakers and the jaded Red-River pack–continuously flock back again and again.

Committed to diverse programming, The ND says that they look “more like a playlist on your iPod than any specific section at a record store.” From booking kickass rock music, DJs and turntablists, smart/addicting songwriters, and electronic music to hosting poetry slams, film and multimedia events, and just parties in general, the venue constantly evolves and remains completely full of surprises. You never know what you’re going to get any night of the week, but you can almost guarantee that whatever punk/funk/retro/dancehall/party jams they have live or whatever comedic/theatrical/cutting edge event that they throw, you’re ensured one hell of a good time.

Set against the backdrop of 501 Studios, the venue holds an expansive, architectural atmosphere, which, combined with their high production capabilities, only serves to enhance the array of talent that it hosts. Some of this awesome talent that is COMING SOON to the ND includes:

5/7 UNoME Productions Presents: Break Science Returns to the ATX

5/8 HUMP! A Classic Funk, Disco & Boogie Jam!

5/28 Gidon the Mighty Warrior Mixtape Release Party

With a mantra that “live music and art are fundamentally important to life”, the ND will surely continue to thrive on Austin’s omnipotent music scene for years to come. If you haven’t visited this fantastic venue nestled over on the East Side, then it’s about time to check it out. Do512 wants everyone to love the NEW and IMPROVED ND at 501 Studios as much as we do, so make sure you head over to the venue’s event page to see what’s going on at the ND any night of the week! SEE YOU THERE!


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