Relaunch Party TONIGHT!, a social organization that promotes culture, the arts, & progressive values with lots of community participation, is kicking off its redesigned website with an appearance at New Movement theater’s Megaphone Show TONIGHT! Co-organizer Mike Litt will tell a coming-of-age, summer camp story for local improv comedians to perform to.

iLoveMikeLitt prides itself on bringing communal interests together through entertaining & engaging events, which is why we love them so much here at Do512. Twenty events later, the organization is now relaunching its website to regularly highlight the work of special individuals and organizations with shared visions in between events.

Featured online content includes a round-up of hobos on film by Andy Gately, photos from Noel Wells’ collection of voyeur photography that didn’t make the cut for her Future is Analog show at the United States Art Authority on May 2nd, a music video directed by Ben Aqua for Monofonus Press’s Over the Hill project, a pulp fiction piece by Naomi Baldinger, and a foreign wrestler sketch by Chris Trew of the New Movement. The relaunch also features the first in a series of concert ticket giveaways (i.e. Owen Pallet of Arcade Fire, The Besnard Lakes, and Of Montreal), courtesy of Transmission Entertainment and Local Live CDs, courtesy of KVRX.

With events in the works, you can only expect the best from Some upcoming events include Treasure City Thrift Store’s 3rd Recycled Fashion Show on Saturday June 19th and the 4th Annual Veggie Hot Dog Eating Contest on Sunday July 4th.

So be sure to be there TONIGHT at the New Movement theater’s Megaphone Show and meet Austin’s up and coming cultural creatives and learn more about their new online features of their current projects.


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car2go Launches Rent-By-The-Minute Car Service to all Austin Residents Starting May 21

You’ve seen more and more of them buzzing around town, taking over the streets.  Where did they come from, and how do they work?

car2go’s pilot program launched in Austin in November of 2009, making the vehicles available only to employees of the City of Austin and select businesses. On Friday, May 21, car2go will open its on-demand car service to all Austin residents with a good driving record.

Here’s how car2go service works:

1. You register in advance on car2go. (FREE until May 17, $35 after that). Have your driver’s license ready. The process takes about 10 minutes, but it’s totally safe and secure, and you’ll never have to do it again.

2. Either pick up your car2go card at the Rock, Register and Drive event on May 21 at Republic Square Park. OR it will be mailed to you after May 22.

3. When you are ready to take car2go for a spin, use their nifty car2go Finder site or iPhone app to locate one of over  200 vehicles in the heart of central Austin. You will almost always be able to locate a vehicle within a couple of blocks of where you are standing.

4. Walk up to the car, hold your card to the window. If the car is available, the door will open. Swipe your card, enter your pin number,  and drive off.

5. car2go will bill your credit card at the rate of $.35 per min, or $12.99 per hour. car2go gets rid of all the hassles of owning your own car.  That one per-minute fee includes your gas, insurance, maintenance, and even parking. That’s right, you can park at any metered parking space downtown, or in designated car2go parking spaces, for free. Best of all, unlike a rental car, you only have to pay for the time you are actually driving. You are not obligated to pay for the vehicle while it is parked, as long as it is in the coverage zone.  It’s fun and easy, cheaper than a cab, and good for the planet.

Here’s a cool little video explaining how it works:

On Friday, May 21, car2go will celebrate its public launch with Rock, Register and Drive a free, family-friendly concert at Republic Square Park, featuring Joe Ely, The Black & White Years, The Gourds, Del Castillo, and The Lemurs. Pre-Register by May 17 for a FREE membership, and come down to the event to pick up your card.  RSVP  on Do512 for an opportunity to win one of Ten (10)  60-minute Free Trial cards.

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Mexican Wrestler Cinco De Mayo Fiesta at Terrace59

With May right around the corner, it’s about time to start thinking about what you’re going to be doing for (one of my favorite holidays of the year)… CINCO DE MAYO! In case you are unaware of the history of this famous Mexican holiday, Cinco De Mayo commemorates the victory of Mexican militia over the French army at The Battle of Puebla in 1862 (not, like commonly assumed, Mexican Independence Day). But, primarily, it’s a regional holiday celebrated in Mexico, yet, in the American spirit, it is a holiday that has appeared on most of our calendars because it gives us another reason to go out and party on a week night. Next Wednesday, spend this Mexican holiday with some traditional Mexican costumes, special guests, and your favorite Mexican drinks by heading over to the most famous (and picturesque) outdoor spot in Austin–Speakeasy’s Terrace59–to catch the Mexican Wrestler Fiesta!

At 7PM next Wednesday, Terrace59 will be throwing a Cinco De Mayo bash that will put others to shame. With frozen margaritas, fresh mojitos, and $1 off your favorite Mexican beer (Dos Equis), come enjoy the DJ skills of Mike Swing (who happened be named A List’s Best Club DJ in 2009) for a party like no other. Because it is Cinco De Mayo, and because it is a Mexican Wrestler Fiesta, arrive dressed in your best Mariachi or best Lucha Libre costume (a.k.a. Mexican wrestler… so, think along the lines of a toned-down version of Nacho Libre) to win some awesome prizes! And keep a look out for a guest appearance by Carlito the Mariachi Man who will be running around, no doubt, serenading guests with his famed stringed instrument performance.

It’s a CINCO DE MAYO party not to be missed! Head over to the Do512 event page for more information, and SEE YOU THERE!

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Rebecca Loebe, Danny Malone, The Blue Hit, Green Mountain Grass at Momo’s 4/30

Momo’s will be showcasing a magical musical compilation of four unique artists THIS Friday on April 30th and you definitely don’t want to miss it. In an age where most music is created digitally and beats are looped, beeped and bopped it is refreshing to get the opportunity, such as this, to witness genuine lyrical, vocal and instrumental talent preformed by truly artistic individuals.

Starting at 8pm Rebecca Loebe, indie-folk singer and songwriter from Atlanta, Georgia, will fill the air with her sweet voice. As a self-motivated performer, Rebecca Loebe has propelled herself up the ranks making quite a name for herself by touring across the country and is now proud to say she is working on her first full length album. With her sultry voice and impeccable finger picking skills on her acoustic guitar, Rebecca Loebe lets the audience in on her life by telling stories through her songs that will touch you and stay with you long after.

Next, Austin’s own Danny Malone will be belting out his heart-aching, melodious songs at 9:30. As a personal favorite of the Do512 crew, Danny Malone integrates various styles of art and dance enveloped in his vocals creating an emotionally riveting indie-folk sound. With Danny on his acoustic guitar paired with his two musical accomplices you cant help but also hear a hint of soul and pop to ultimately create a layered sound that not only pulls at your heart strings but will also make you want to get up and maybe, just maybe, do a twirl or two.

Another true Austin delight, The Blue Hit will get up on stage at 10:45. This trifecta is a testament to the saying “less is more”. With a hint of jazzy sounds made by a guitar and a cello, lead singer, Grace Rowland, captivates audiences with purely engaging and edgy vocals. The combination of this intimate instrumentation and free-spirited vocals allows The Blue Hit to be utterly compelling and as the band says themselves, “We write music from our hearts. We love to make music and we do it with the purest of intentions.” And that is precisely what they do.

Finally the Green Mountain Grass will get up on stage at 12:15 and will leave you in “a self-induced psychedelic frenzy” into the wee hours of the night. To have found a foursome of sharp talent as fantastic as the Green Mountain Grass is quite the rarity, which is why you would be foolish to miss this performance. With such talent on the mandolin, fiddle, banjo, guitar and upright bass, this group has delved deep into their musical talent banks and has come up with a self-proclaimed genre called “gonzograss”. “Gonzograss” is the combination of traditional bluegrass, gypsy swing, folk, funk, reggae, and jazz with an end result described by the band as “melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic mastery with elements of sarcasm, quotes, humor, and exaggeration.”

Don’t forget to go to Do512 and Click “I Like It!” for a chance to win a pair of FREE TICKETS!


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Knuckle Rumbler Presents: The Robot Parade


Known around town for their killer parties thrown at some of Austin’s hottest locations, which always come with the best party people and most up-and-coming artists (do you remember SXSW 2k10?), Knuckle Rumbler is at it again, bringing us The Robot Parade THIS Friday, April 30th at 7th street party spot, Beauty Bar. Hosted by electro-funk extraordinaire, Neiliyo, the KR kids are throwing this bash in honor of  Zeale’s EP release (Robot Radio). Not only will you have a brilliant performance from this well-rounded MC-whiz to look forward to, but sets from GOBI and L.A.X. and the DJ skills of Hot Britches! and Richard Gear will also keep you going all night long.

As a staple in the “underground street circuit”, Zeale comes to us Friday after an impressive 12 show run during SXSW. After spending that week in March being an ambassador of sorts to his hometown, he is ready to release a brand new EP, which highlights his up-tempo, high energy, cosmic and refreshing sound. Influenced by the likes of Jay-Z, Daft Punk, Lupe Fiasco, Major Lazer, and MSTRKRFT, Zeale kicked off his career showing promising skills as a freestyle battle emcee and winning a number of regional and international rap battles before connecting with his current producer, Marko Jelic. Now, leaving his freestyle days behind, Zeale shows unique and versatile skills that set him well above the rest of the hip-hop scene. As a well-rounded MC, Zeale has held the stage with acts ranging from Goodie Mob to Jason Mraz, but now, it’s about time that he has the spotlight all to himself.

Playing alongside Zeale will be two electro-powerhouses: L.A.X. and GOBI:

With an “eclectic hybrid of electronic dance tracks”, L.A.X. is a 6-piece group who blew critics’ minds and nabbed a solid place on everyone’s “must see” list last year at ACL. With top notch Fun Fun Fun Fest and SXSW performances following that, they have worked their way up the Austin musical ladder to become one of the hottest bands to book. Because they have an album coming up in May, consider this Friday to be a special opportunity to see them play before they get even bigger.

Conceived after spending nights in electronica clubs along the Mexican border, GOBI is a live electronic/indie group who originally made a name for themselves out in San Marcos, becoming the “go to” house for “infamous dance parties and inevitable chaos.” They will, no doubt, take “dirty dancing” to a whole new level this Friday, so make sure you come check them out.

To top it all off, DJ Hot Britches and Richard Gear will be going all night long inside, and Sneak Attack will be on site showing/selling you all the hottest kicks and gear.

The show is only $5 if you RSVP on Do512 ($7 without), AND if you RSVP you also get a free mp3 copy of “Digital Swagger” (a.k.a. Zeale’s hit single which will most likely become THE jam of the summer). So, basically, there’s not reason not to head over to the event page and put your name down!

Get ready for the hip-hop/electro/dance party of your LIFE. Guaranteed you will all leave more sweaty satisfied than when you came!

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Do512 Presents Speakeasy Superstar Kick-Off Night!

The highly anticipated local talent search, Speakeasy Superstar, has reached the qualifying finals. THIS Wednesday Do512 will be sponsoring the first night for participants to showcase their talent and earn the chance to qualify for the finals to be in the running for the spectacular prizes! Just to remind all of you talented and eager starlets, Speakeasy Superstar will be giving the winner of the competition a grand prize of $5,000 (!!!), a full day in the Same Sky studio to cut an original single, produced by David Messier
AND a booking contract with BBA/Management and Booking!

Starting on Wednesday, there will be a winner every week selected by an Applause-O-Meter. So, if you don’t consider yourself a singer, have no fear. Join the crowd in judging the talent while enjoying fantastic drink specials, like $1 off Dos Equis and $5 Titos.

Also, try to get there early this Wednesday for an impressive performance from a *Special Guest* who will jump up on stage and belt it out with the live band, karaoke style! Be prepared to be awed by our talented special guest!

From here, contestants will move on to the preliminary contests in the upcoming weeks to qualify for the quarterfinals.  Semi-finals will start in late-October and will be judged by local celebs, and ultimately the final event announcing the official *Speakeasy SUPERSTAR* will be held on November 17 – so mark your calendars!

We know you are probably wondering, ‘Wow! This deal can’t get any sweeter!’ But you are wrong; all of us at Do512 and at Speakeasy would like to just add the cherry on top. If you RSVP HERE your name will be entered into a raffle to win one of TWO pairs of tickets to FREE PRESS SUMMER FEST featuring The Flaming Lips and Girl Talk!!

Okay so now that we’ve made this deal too sweet for your music sweet-tooth to handle, don’t miss out on Wednesday! Speakeasy will be open to the public every Wednesday night, with the talent search kicking off at 9pm.  See you on Wednesday!

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All-Star Spotlight: Austin Bloggy Limits

“I shall listen and enjoy until you listen and enjoy at which point it becomes trite and banal. I’m bored with it, must surf and destroy pop culture. Scrobbling, logging, and blogging as I trudge through this dense fabric so you don’t have to.”

Austin Bloggy Limits
First Post, May 6, 2008

Austin Bloggy Limits started back in May 2008 as an outlet for musical findings and critiques. It immediately established itself as a high-quality, reliable resource for Austin’s music lovers and concert goers. Ben Wintle, a writer for Austin Bloggy Limits, has a distinct affinity for Austin (particularly the ’04), music, and those two combined.

As a veteran of the Austin music scene, Ben has observed the ins and outs of live shows around town. One of his favorite venues is The Parish because of its intimate sound. He also expressed gratitude for its miraculous ability to not pack the audience in like sardines with overselling. Another one of Ben’s favorite local venues is the Mohawk, or, as he called it, Austin’s “Rock ‘n Roll Fortress.” The place’s multilayered outdoor space, intimate inside stage, and expert booking all contribute to its high regard among locals and beyond.

Ben checks out tons of shows and loves supporting good music. Naturally, he appreciates the various perks of his status as “blogger” like free CD’s, media passes, and the chance to meet the artists. He does make an excellent point that blogging is similar to having a second job, which is tough when so many expect you to work for free. Staying one step ahead of the rest of the community and trends takes a lot of time! If you read Austin Bloggy Limits, you know that they do an excellent job of informing Austin of what’s good and new.

Austin Bloggy Limits and Ben Wintle have watched the Austin music scene evolve over the past few years, taking note of the changes. Ben pointed out the interesting shift in caliber of bands playing at smaller venues. With the continuously increasing concentration of Austin music, a band’s quality is crucial for survival. This is great for concert goers like us because we have so many fantastic opportunities to hear truly good music in intimate settings. Ben also drew an interesting conclusion from the recent MIA and Lady Gaga controversy – an artist should be a character. By this, he means that a band’s success is likely to be greater if it has a distinct and marketable brand. Ultimately, Ben wouldn’t change anything about the Austin music scene, except perhaps the occasional sub-par sound system and the content of Austin Radio.

Ben expects great things from local bands such as Ume and L.A.X., and encourages everyone to check them out live. L.A.X. has a gig at Beauty Bar this Friday (April 30), and the L.A.X. Official CD Release is at The Parish on May 20. Ume’s next big performance is May 28 at Mohawk for Chaos in Texas. You can read more about these bands and keep updated on all things music/Austin at Austin Bloggy Limits – hit it up!

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Clint Black w/ The Mother Truckers 4/30


If you haven’t heard yet, Rozone Productions has been working hard for us music-lovers this spring, bringing in some outstanding country acts to Austin’s favorite hill country venue, Nutty Brown Cafe. Located just a short little drive outside of town, Nutty Brown has been home to some of the best live shows played by some of the biggest Texas acts, and this week is no exception. Coming off a fantastic show last week (Blake Shelton and Neal McCoy), Rozone has decided to bring another legendary country star–Clint Black–to play out under the stars this Friday, April 30th, alongside Austin’s own country-rock group–The Mother Truckers.

Years ago, two independently acclaimed musicians (Josh Zee and Teal Collins) met at an open mic night… and the rest was history. Combining their energies and talents in 2002 into a band known as The Mother Truckers, Josh and Zee became the core of a group that has created a kick-ass blend of country, blues, and rock for 8 years now. With critically acclaimed albums under their belt, the group has made a strong name for themselves in the Austin scene–placing on The Austin American Statesman’s Top 10 list, snagging a spot on KGSR’s top albums of the year, and winning “Best Roots Rock Band of the Year” at SXSW a few years back. As they have steadily toured around the country, The Mother Truckers have performed at summer festivals such as Willie Nelson’s July 4th Picnic, High Sierra, and Bumbershoot and have opened for a number of top acts including Dwight Yokum, Hank Williams 3, and Robert Earl Keen. Coming to us this Friday with their creative songwriting and energetic live performance, the band will open for country legend, Clint Black.

Although Clint Black was technically born in New Jersey, the country star spent the majority of his formative years down in Katy, Texas, where, at a young age, he began to show signs of future musical stardom. As music became a constant in his household, Black decided to pick up the harmonica at age 13 and penned his first song one year later. Learning the guitar at age 15, he joined his older brothers’ band, eventually dropping out of high school and becoming a solo act. Focusing on country music (after he credits George Strait and Reba McEntire for changing the face of the genre), Black managed to build his local rep and gain the attention of RCA Records, who signed him in 1987. Over the next few years, Clint released his first album (Killin’ Time), scored four straight Number 1’s, and received the Country Music Association’s Horizon Award (shortly followed by their award for Male Vocalist of the Year). Black released 6 albums throughout the 90’s, all of which reached various levels of certified platinum or gold, but as the millennium hit, he decided to take a short sabbatical. While re-assessing his musical career, he eventually founded of his own record label (Equity Music Group) where he released two more studio albums. Throughout his entire career, Black has amassed more than 30 singles on the Billboard Country Charts (22 of which have reached Number One) and has also remained committed to contributing to the song-writing on every album released. Black explains that “a song is more than just something to sing. It’s something to learn from. It’s somebody else’s true feeling. I’m always trying to get at the meaning. … When I write a line, I’m doing the same thing. I’m looking at it from the perspective of if I was driving down the road listening to it, what am I gonna get out of it?”

Needles to say, Clint Black is a country legend, who has been in the game (and remained relevant) for over twenty years. With his epic songs and massive reputation, there’s no doubt that tickets for the show this Friday will go pretty darn quick. To find out how to get tickets, head over to the Do512 event page for the show, and make sure you click “I Like It” for a chance to win one of THREE pair of FREE tickets! Hope to see you there!

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Honeybrowne Live at Mi Casa Cantina 4/29


If you don’t have any plans yet for next Thursday, April 29th, then you probably need to go check out one of Do512’s favorite place for drinks and live music on dirty 6th, Mi Casa Cantina, because not only will you get to find out why we love it, but you will also get to hear some amazing live music–courtesy of Texas band, Honeybrowne.

Honeybrowne, fronted by born and raised Texan Fred Andrews, is a country/rock group who debuted their musical talent back in 2001 with their first album (Finding Shade). Almost ten years later, the band has managed to amass a large Texan fan base as they travel “Mile by Mile” (which happens to be the name of their most recent album), becoming a staple in the Texas music circuit. Hailing from Victoria, Texas, Andrews grew up with music in the fam. With a dad who played guitar/piano, a mom who played piano/violin, and a constant influence from classic pop masters and Texas tradition, it’s no wonder that Fred came out playing drums at the age of three and switching to guitar in his college years. Now a dad himself, Andrews continues to express his love of music through his strong songwriting skills and impressive live performances. Honeybrowne makes music for a living, but they recognize that they’re in the game for the “long run” rather than a “short sprint”. Andrews admits, “We’re not trying to get a record deal from Nashville, we’re not trying to have a big entourage and big bus, though those are neat things. I never wanted to be major label act playing arenas with a 10-piece band. I’d love to instead have something like John Hiatt’s career. If that were ever bestowed on me, I would feel like I’d lived 100 lives.”

At this point, Andrews says, he’s a “lifer”–twelve years into the game and he’s still in it step by step. Next Thursday, make sure you catch the band’s fantastic set at Mi Casa Cantina! For more information and to get tickets, head over to the event page. Click “I Like It!” for a chance to win a pair of FREE TICKETS, and hopefully see you there!

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Grum at Beauty Bar 5/2

If you want to see something super rare and uber danceable in about two weeks, then I have good news! BucklUp Entertainment and Future Retro have teamed up to bring international sensation, Grum, to Beauty Bar in Austin on Sunday, May 2nd, as the ONLY stop in Texas on his North American tour. (I repeat… ONLY). Grum will be dropping by one of Austin’s favorite 7th street dance bars alongside Cortinas & Wade, Scott Swayze, and A Ward to blow our minds and move our bodies for one night of never-ending dance party. And since he’s hitting and quitting Texas, you better not miss out.

Graeme Shepherd–a.k.a. Grum (so-nicknamed for his “grumpy bastard” rep at college)–has been bestowed the title of the shining new face of the future of electronic music. The 24-year-old DJ and producer grew up in Scotland on a diet of classic rock and synth-pop, and by his teen years, he was a self-proclaimed “music geek”, putting together trance tracks in his bedroom. With his move to Leeds (where he currently resides) in 2004, Grum stumbled upon a nightlife world that included epic underground acts such as Fischerspooner and Erol Alkan. His love affair with electroclash began. The “electroclash set” at the time, although immensely talented, never fully became the pop stars they had envisioned, and Grum’s emergence onto the scene–with his knack for melodies and pop framework–allowed him to lead the pack in that direction. Two years ago, he started e-mailing tracks out to some top blogs (such as Discodust) with almost an instant response/hype/love. Since his tracks have gone viral, Grum has earned high regards from Aeroplane and has been featured on the playlists of many international DJs (including Annie Mac, Alex Metric, Pete Tong, and Zane Lowe). With top charting original tracks (“Heartbeats”, “Sound Reaction”, “Runaway”, and “Go Back”) and a slew of hit remixes (for Passion Pit, Friendly Fires, Anoraak, Tronick Youth, and more), it’s no wonder than this wunderkind has been declared the second most blogged act in the world (behind Radiohead) by blog conglomeration, Hype Machine. His style mixes French house, Italo-disco, and new wave into the perfect pop-ish confection to get your ass on the dance floor.

Tickets are going on pre-sale for only $5!!! So head over to the event page to figure out how to snag those tickets, and click “I Like It!” to try to win one of FIVE pairs of FREE tickets! And while you’re browsing the page, make sure you take a look at the EXCLUSIVE promotional mix “THIS IS GRUM”, featuring all original and remixed material by Grum. So head on over to the event page, download you some Grum, and buy those tickets! SEE YOU THERE!

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