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Just in case you didn’t hear, Do512 underwent the virtual equivalent of plastic surgery and has a fancy schmancy new blog! Update your bookmarks ya’ll and make sure to check it out. With tons of contributing authors covering every topic from fashion, music, food, events, nerdy love (their words), and everything going on in Austin, the blog is your go to source for extended information on the coolest stuff to do. Call it a face lift, a remodel, or just straight up progress, the plain fact of the matter is Do512 keeps it swanky.

Consider this link your social life’s savior: Do512’s Swanky New Blog


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2010 Turkey Trot Artwork Design Contest (Ending 5/22)


I know everyone just answered out loud “YES, PLEASE”. Soooo, if you’re an aspiring graphic designer and think you can design a killer logo, then read on because from right now until MAY 22nd you have the opportunity to submit a design for the 2010 Turkey Trot and have the chance to win a year of FREE ThunderCloud Subs (and the chance to see your design plastered all around town).

Every year on Thanksgiving Day, the ThunderCloud Subs Turkey Trot–a 5 mile run, one mile walk, and Kids K–takes place benefitting Caritas of Austin (an organization that provides a service continuum for those experiencing poverty). Since 1990, the Turkey Trot has raised over $1,000,000 for the charity, and this year will be the 20th anniversary and largest predicted Trot ever. Oh ya, and the whole event is sponsored by ThunderCloud–the Austin sandwich staple that’s been around since 1975–(hence the great grand prize).


The 2010 ThunderCloud Subs Turkey Trot logo will be used on all merchandise and marketing including shirts, race forms, posters, website and print ads. To the extent of any inconsistency in the website or advertising associated with the Contest or other Contest materials, these Official Rules prevail.


The objective of this whole contest is to create original art to use for the 2010 ThunderCloud Subs Turkey Trot to benefit Caritas of Austin.

ALL artwork must include both the ThunderCloud Subs logo and the Caritas of Austin logo

ALL artwork must be original to the entrant and submitted as a JPG or PDF file, or original illustration. Art can be line art or illustration but not to include photos. Art must be four color process.

ThunderCloud Subs reserves the right to make or request specific changes from the artist to his respective art.


1. The contest is open to individuals and companies

2. If you work for ThunderCloud, an affiliation associated with the contest, or if you’re a contest judge (or judge’s family member) then… sorry… can’t enter.

3. You have to be at least 18 years old to enter OR have a parent/legal guardian’s permission

And, now you’re asking, HOW EXACTLY DO I ENTER? Well… Either e-mail your entry to or snail mail it to ThunderCloud Subs Art Contest, 1102 West 6th St., Austin, TX 78703, Attn: Art Contest.

[For MORE details on guidelines/rules/ and entering, head over to the website].

As previously mentioned, the GRAND PRIZE winner for the design contest will receive 365 free small subs of your choice gift certificates (and up to 10 of these can be redeemed all at one time!). But not just that, you’ll see your design come to life on t-shirts, posters, websites and banners all around Austin. SO make sure you design something awesome and send it in by MAY 22nd. GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL!

Head over to the website to learn more!

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Tool at Cedar Park Center 6/22

I know it seems way too early into May to start thinking about what concerts you’re wanting to see in JUNE, but… we’re telling you about this show early because tickets (which go on sale TOMORROW) are going to sell out fast.  So, heads up. Everyone’s favorite, Grammy award-winning American rock/metal band, Tool, is coming in to Austin on Tuesday, June 22nd, to play at the indoor arena in Cedar Park Center.

Paul D’Armour, Adam Jones, Maynard James Keenan, and Danny Carey practically fumbled into a band in Los Angeles back in 1990, but it only took a few performances (3 months later) for record companies to fight for the rights to Tool‘s new progressive, alt metal sound. The band’s name is “exactly what it sounds like,” Keenan explained, “we are… your tool; use as a catalyst in your process of finding out whatever it is you need to find out, or whatever it is you’re trying to achieve.” Their first full length album, Undetow, came out in 1993 and exhibited a groovy metal sound when the genre at the time was dominated by thrash metal. They soon became the premier poster children for the alternative metal scene, and the band has perpetuated an evolution of sound, musical experimentation, and visual arts for the past two decades.

Tool has been described as a “style-transgressing act”–part progressive metal and part art rock, well-known for an incorporation of  visual arts and long/complex releases. Their combination of hard rock with progressive structures, irregular time signatures, and thoughtful/controversial lyrics put them at the forefront of their genre and pushed them through two decades of metal music lovers and censorship critics. While encountering a number of public problems for some of their more “unfiltered” material, the band has always strived to use their controversy to protest censorship and have stayed true to their original vision. They’ve been described (by Patrick Donovan of The Age) as “the thinking person’s metal band. Cerebral and visceral, soft and heavy, melodic and abrasive, tender and brutal, familiar and strange, western and eastern, beautiful and ugly, taut yet sprawling and epic, they are a tangle of contradictions.”  With three Grammy awards under their belts and six incredible albums spanning almost twenty years, Tool continues to solidify themselves as music legends, especially as they keep playing worldwide to critical acclaim and to the vast number of loyal, crazed Tool-fanatics.

Tickets to see Tool go on sale TOMORROW, so head over to the Do512 event page to find out how to get them and to get more information. And I’ll tell you one more time: this.will.sell.out. SO, get them ASAP!

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Do512 Loves Lanai!

All of us at Do512 are so pumped to start working with Austin’s favorite rooftop lounge, Lanai! If you haven’t checked this place out just yet, I would definitely put that on the top of your to-do list. Sometimes it’s easy to write off new downtown bars as cheesy, unoriginal, or lame because, let’s face it, that’s often the case. Let me tell ya, Lanai is a fantastic spot on Congress. Not only does it take a side step away from the typical downtown bottle service lounge, but it also brings some really cool things to the table. Literally.

First, Lanai offers a beautiful and relaxing ambience that serves as the best place to end the work day, start a night out, or spend an evening. The music selection perfectly matches the happy hour environment without being cheesy – you’ll here anything ranging from acid jazz to light house. Happy hour there is incredible. Lanai has great drink and food specials offered any given day of the week, check out their menu!

Lanai has some rad regular events like ShyTown every Thursday night, LickSamba every other Friday, Werk It every first Wednesday of the month, and Rooftop Sessions every first Saturday. They also have three cozy cabanas, lounge benches, and VIP sofa lounge available for reservation. Check out Lanai’s website to learn more about the specials amenity packages available for big nights out!

Make plans to pay a visit to the lovely Lanai this weekend! Also, be sure to check them out on Do512 to keep informed of upcoming events!

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What are you Do(512)ing for Cinco de Mayo?!

Who knew Austinites got so jazzed about Cinco de Mayo? Come Wednesday, this town will be bumpin’ with tons of music, food, booze, and general debauchery.


Por ejemplo, have you heard that La Condesa is hosting another Cinco de Mayo Block Party? The event covers an entire block on West 2nd between Guadalupe and San Antonio with free food and drinks from the neighborhood restaurants – AND it has some great music from Brownout, Ocote Soul Sounds, Mariachi Tamazula, and DJ Chicken George. Definitely check out the details on that. I know where I’ll be spending Cinco de Mayo!

No matter what you may be looking for in celebration style, odds are if you wait until after work on May 5th to check out your options, you will find yourself slightly overwhelmed. For this reason, Do512 has taken the time to punch out a consolidated list of the events we find worthy of your attendance. Scroll the list, click the links for more details, and plan a festive evening!

7:00am Ruben Herrera at Mexic-Arte Museum

10:00am Cinco de Mayo Olympics at Weirdo’s – If you are a lady, 5’10” or taller, you could compete!

11:30am ‘5’ is the Magic Number Storytime at BookPeople

12:00pm Poetry on the Plaza: Cinco de Mayo at Harry Ransom Center

12:00pm The Action Pack: THE THREE AMIGOS Cinco De Mayo Mini-Feast at Alamo Drafthouse at the Ritz – Check out that menu from Ritz chef Elijah Horgan!!

4:00pm Cinco de Mayo at The Marq Lounge

5:00pm Univision Presents: 2nd Annual Cinco de Mayo Downtown Block Party hosted by La Condesa – FREE party that covers the entire block on W 2nd Street with fantastic food, music, and beverages!

5:00pm Iron Cactus North Cinco de Mayo Patio Bash – FREE FOOD, live music, great prizes, Corona Girls, and drink specials!

5:00pm WINE.down Wednesday: Cinco de Mayo Addition kicking off at Spectacle Sunglasses – This one sounds great. They’ll have complimentary frozen margs, door prizes, and more!

5:30pm Cinco de Mayo “Love from the Loire” Tasting at Vino Vino – 12 Oysters & 12 Loire Valley Wines

6:00pm Cinco de Mayo a la Six Lounge con More Cowbell at Six Lounge – $2 Dos XX all night

7:00pm Cedar Door hosts Pancho Villa Cinco de Mayo Party – Pancho Villa themed party featuring drink specials and live bands!

Cinco-de-mayo-eblast_2__poster7:00pm Mexican Wrestler Cinco De Mayo Fiesta at Terrace59 – it’s a costume party! Dress up like a Mariachi or Lucha Libre to compete for prizes!

8:00pm Cinco de Mayo Awareness Fiesta at Encore – Piñatas, refreshments, FREE STUFF!

9:00pm Lucky Lounge’s Cinco de Mayo Celebration

9:00pm Cinco De Mayo Fiestia Del Diablo Free Show at Headhunters

9:00pm The Crawl of Fame Cinco de Mayo Edition at Pure Ultra Lounge

9:30pm Cinco de Mayo Celebration at Submerged – Couples Dance Contest with CASH PRIZES & FREE CHIPS AND SALSA

10:00pm Cinco de LOCO with Slick Kiss at Canvas Bar & Gallery

10:00pm Cinco de Mayo BBQ at Beerland

Hope that’s helpful!

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Do512 Shout Out: The ND at 501 Studios

The ND at 501 Studios is by no means a “new” venue. You might have known this music hot spot under its previous name (The Independent), but just because it went through a slight nominal change, don’t think for a second that the venue’s brand has faltered. With their dedication to innovative diversity and music that caters to kids “in the know”, the ND has been one of our favorite venues for some time now. And it should be yours as well.

As one of the largest (and relatively sole) music venues east of I35, The ND (located between 5th and 6th) dominates the music scene outside the concentration of downtown, yet inside the slowly-being-tapped, artistic reserve of the East Side. Since its inception almost a year ago, it has quickly become an unwavering staple for live music in a neighborhood that has seen massive growth. Accurately representing and augmenting the area’s character, it combines the love for art and music in a studio atmosphere that hopes to bring the Austin community together. Innovation flourishes, and the clientele–usually a combination of the young tastemakers and the jaded Red-River pack–continuously flock back again and again.

Committed to diverse programming, The ND says that they look “more like a playlist on your iPod than any specific section at a record store.” From booking kickass rock music, DJs and turntablists, smart/addicting songwriters, and electronic music to hosting poetry slams, film and multimedia events, and just parties in general, the venue constantly evolves and remains completely full of surprises. You never know what you’re going to get any night of the week, but you can almost guarantee that whatever punk/funk/retro/dancehall/party jams they have live or whatever comedic/theatrical/cutting edge event that they throw, you’re ensured one hell of a good time.

Set against the backdrop of 501 Studios, the venue holds an expansive, architectural atmosphere, which, combined with their high production capabilities, only serves to enhance the array of talent that it hosts. Some of this awesome talent that is COMING SOON to the ND includes:

5/7 UNoME Productions Presents: Break Science Returns to the ATX

5/8 HUMP! A Classic Funk, Disco & Boogie Jam!

5/28 Gidon the Mighty Warrior Mixtape Release Party

With a mantra that “live music and art are fundamentally important to life”, the ND will surely continue to thrive on Austin’s omnipotent music scene for years to come. If you haven’t visited this fantastic venue nestled over on the East Side, then it’s about time to check it out. Do512 wants everyone to love the NEW and IMPROVED ND at 501 Studios as much as we do, so make sure you head over to the venue’s event page to see what’s going on at the ND any night of the week! SEE YOU THERE!

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Weirdo’s Inaugural Show w/ Kevin Fowler 5/8


I don’t know if you guys have heard of Weirdo’s before, but for a while now, it’s been an expansive indoor/outdoor bar sitting on 2 acres of land right off of North Mopac and Parmer. With the summer approaching, Weirdo’s has decided that, because they sit on some prime property and because they have a pretty darn good taste in music, they will become a brand new LIVE music venue. And THIS Saturday is their kick-off show. On May 8th, the outside venue is bringing some of country’s hottest acts: Kevin Fowler, Bleu Edmonson, Kevin Smith & Half Dead, and Mike Kelly, for one evening of food, fun, beer, and music!

Looking at this night’s line-up, you can expect some amazing things from the likes of:

Mike Kelly–Raised in New Mexico, yet currently residing in Austin, this country rocker has had more life-changing experiences than most of your parents can attest to. His album, “Waking the Dead,” consists of 12 songs that Kelly penned in the midst of a pretty serious life scare when he dealt with congestive heart failure. Thankfully, now recovered, he comes to us with heavy influence from some of Texas’ greatest songwriters (Robert Earl Keen and Charlie Robinson) and an incredible sound.

Kevin Smith & Half Dead–He spent his moldable years hanging out at famed Austin venue, Liberty Lunch, and watching Roky Erikson walk by his house every day, so, it comes as no surprise that Kevin Smith picked up the guitar and started a music career. This career has seen him travel the country and the world over the past 10 years, and to Smith, he’s just getting started. He comes to the stage with honed songwriting skills and a powerful voice that harks “back to a time in music history when singers like Merle Haggard and Johnny Cash reigned supreme.”

Bleu Edmondson–Fusing country rock and Texas soul, Bleu Edmondson has been writing songs and playing music for over 10 years now. Since coming onto the scene as an unknown talent back in 2000, he has quickly become a staple on the Texas music circuit, selling tens of thousands of records. Now perched on the edge of a national breakthrough, he returns to Austin on Saturday with the skills to completely revive the Texas country scene.

Kevin Fowler–With 5 studio albums and 3 singles on the Billboard list of Hot Country Songs, Fowler has slowly become one of the hottest American country music stars on the charts since his first album release back in 1997. Ever since his father introduced him to country music as a child, he’s had music in his veins, and after becoming skilled in piano, guitar, and songwriting, he moved to Austin to kick off his career. Over the years he gained a reputation from his weekly gigs on 6th street to eventually signing with music legend, Clint Black’s, independent label (Equity Music). Now on Lyric Street Records, Fowler comes to Austin with two hot new singles and a guaranteed crowd of loyal fans.

This is going to be an AMAZING event that you won’t want to miss. To find out how to get tickets and to learn more information, head over to the Do512 event page! Click “I Like It!” for a chance to win one of TWO pairs of FREE tickets! See ya there!

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Get ready, all you Austin music freaks, because MASSIVE RELEASE is exactly what it sounds like. Next Friday, May 7th, prepare yourselves for a night of musical madness as Simple Shoes (the leader in sustainable, eco-friendly shoes) presents one huge ass party (in association with everyone’s favorite party kids, Knuckle Rumbler) at Encore. For months, two of Austin’s biggest local bands–The Rocketboys and Quiet Company–have been working their butts off, recording new tunes and touring the country, and now, NEXT WEEK, there will be one hell of a party to celebrate the massive release (hence the name) of some of their brand new material.

It might seem like it’s been a while since you’ve seen The Rocketboys play in their hometown, but these kids haven’t forgotten about us. For eight months, the band has been on the road, playing numerous shows (including high priority festival performances at CMJ, SXSW, and Daytrotter) in order to showcase their mastery of (what Paste Magazine has called) “rich anthems that are as infectious as they are sincere.” As a 5-piece indie rock group, who originally hail from a quaint, little town called Abilene, Texas, The Rocketboys have made a name for themselves fusing drum-driven, pop-sensible indie rock with an atmospheric element that, as they put it, “matches the expansive landscape in which they lived.” Next Friday, the boys are celebrating the VINYL release of their first, full-length studio album, 20,000 Ghosts— an album that’s been around since last September, and you can expect them to bring a damn good show to Encore, as they play alongside other great Austin bands.

Speaking of Austin’s other great bands, Quiet Company will be bringing their piano-infused skills to Encore next week, as they celebrate the release of their new EP, Songs For Staying In. Led by former Eisley contributor, Taylor Muse, the band has released 2 other albums since their inception in 2006. Known around town for their impeccable live performances, Quiet Company continuously provides uplifting songs, which they describe as “ranging from the raucously energetic to the beautifully intimate” that “never go without melodies that are immediately haunting and infectious.” If you want to check out some of their new tunes BEFORE the release next Friday, head over to their website where every Monday (until the event) they leak a song and video for each track.

Not only is MASSIVE RELEASE an event for these two bands, but it’s also going to treat you all to performance by MORE Austin bands: The Eastern Sea, Murdocks, STEREO IS A LIE and special guests, The Black and White Years.

As a 4-piece Austin band who likes to mix electronica with simple folk (sometimes adding a full-instrumentation, orchestral flair), The Eastern Sea comes to Encore with their interesting “Iron and Wine kind of feel but with a unique twist.” Centered around the music of vocalist/guitarist Matt Hines, the band has continuously displayed their knack for individuality and refreshing performances.

For six years now, The Murdocks have been doing their thing–churning out catchy, hook-filled, melodic songs, influenced by everything from punk rock to indie rock to garage rock to power-pop. They describe the their sound as “the punch of a drunk with the face of a beauty,” and over the years, they’ve made a name for themselves on the local and national music scene, releasing several albums and playing with acts like Cake and Ben Kweller.

I don’t know if you’ve heard of a little band called Neon Indian, or if you’ve ever heard a tune from the likes of Black Joe Lewis or Missions, but, if you have, then you should know that STEREO IS A LIE just so happened to beat out all these bands in Dell Magazine’s Emerging Artist poll–which kind of says something big about this brand new, loud rock band. They are the “Brit-rock” of the Austin scene, and they’ve placed on more “Bands To Watch” lists then I have time to name. While they’ve been in and out of the studio for months working on their first album, the 5-piece group has won over quite a few fans with their impressive and commanding live performances. Oh ya, and they’ve also got some international buzz. Do with that what you will, but I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say, you’ve gotta see these kids play.

FINALLY, the special guests playing next Friday evening just so happen to be one of the BIGGEST bands that Austin has to offer up–The Black and White Years. This synth-rock, indie art band got a pretty lucky break back in 2007 when Talking Heads’ guitarist/keyboardist Jerry Harrison happened to be one of the seven people present for their first appearance at SXSW. Because he was so impressed with the group, Harrison went on to produce their self-titled debut album in 2008, and the rest is history. Since then, they’ve released another EP and have played shows around the world (including festivals like CMJ, Fun Fun Fun, ACL, MIDEM, and 02 Wireless). Last year the group took home Austin Music Awards for Best Rock Band, Best New Band, Song of the Year (“Power to Change”), Bass Player of the Year (John Aldridge), and Producer of the Year (Jerry Harrison). While currently working on their sophomore album due out later this year, The Black and White Years come as the special guest to Encore for a reason–they’re pretty damn good.

MASSIVE RELEASE is going to be one massive event– SIX bands, TWO stages. Tickets ($10 advance, $13 at door) are going to go fast, so check out the Do512 event page to learn how to get them and to learn how you can get some FREE DRINKS.

If you want to feel uber-special, then make sure you check out the VIP ticket ($25)which includes:

  • Entry to the show
  • Access to the VIP Lounge
  • A Free instant download of the new Quiet Company EP
  • CD of Quiet Company’s “Song’s For Staying In”
  • Vinyl LP of The Rocketboys’ “20,000 Ghosts”
  • Free beer all night
  • Simple Shoes gift bag
  • Exploding in Sound compilation “GLORIOUS NOISE”

BUT there are only 50 available, so get ’em while you can.


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ALEXISONFIRE, Trash Talk, Therefore I Am, La Disupte at Emo’s 5/5

For four years now, one of Austin radio’s top programs, NO CONTROL on 101x, has supplied us with metal music from bands that (as they so artfully describe it) “melt your faces”. Next Wednesday, May 5th, the radio station is bringing ALEXISONFIRE, Trash Talk, Therefore I Am, and La Dispute to Emo’s for a night of metal music and rock mayhem, starting at 7 PM at one of Austin’s favorite music venues–Emo’s.

La Dispute–a five-piece band from Grand Rapids, Michigan–has had their music called everything from Post-Hardcore to Progressive Rock and Screamo. Formed back in the summer of 2004, the group has had common goal to create music with both technical and thematic depth, while avoiding a sound that is obnoxious or juvenile. Drawing influence from things that surround them every day–people, books, religion, and the hardware store they practice in–La Dispute comes to Austin, living out their dream–playing and writing their own music inspired by their own visions.

Fully embracing the DIY model (form band, hit the road, build a following), Therefore I Am describes themselves as “a rock band stuck between the hardcore scene and the pop/indie/screamo scene.” They focus on writing “intelligent rock music” that’s “heavy without being super-slick pop.” Over the past years, they’ve toured with bands like As Tall As Lions and The Receiving End Of Sirens, and credit their talent as capable of sharing the stage with an eclectic array of groups. They are inspired by bands of old–those who made music for its own sake, and next Wednesday, they’ll play with this in mind. Like they have said before, “Take us as we are. This is us. This is it. No bullshit.”

As a thrash punk outfit based in Sacramento, California, Trash Talk has seen their “aggressive punk rock” star rise quickly over the past few years. Formed five years ago, the band has put out an album, published a book, and set insane touring schedules (200 shows in 2009 alone), and with the upcoming release of their second album, the quartet just keeps on going. While influenced by everything from Bad Brains to Black Flag (along with Miles Davis and John Coltrane), the band has voiced their commitment to pushing the envelope and keeping their stuff fresh and original.

And finally, headlining the show on Wednesday, ALEXISONFIRE is a 5-piece Post-Hardcore band, hailing from St. Catharines, Ontario. Creating the group back in 2001, the band has released four studio albums and received numerous nominations (and wins) from some of Canada’s top music events over the past nine years. They have described their music as “the sound of two Catholic high-school girls in mid-knife fight”, and this sound led them out of the metal underground, impressing critics and landing then a certified gold debut album. Their two following albums both achieved platinum certification in Canada, and their most recent release (Old Crows/Young Cardinals) in 2009 was nominated for Album of the Year at the XM Verge Awards. Although they’ve had their separate side projects, ALEXISONFIRE continues to churn out new explosive tunes (a new EP should be out this September). As they’ve matured over the years since their inception, the band comes to town next week with their “intriguing layers (both vocally and instrumentally), aggressive movements, and, most importantly, strong and cohesive melodic structure” that will surely rock everyone’s heads off.

Thanks to NO CONTROL, these four bands come in NEXT WEDNESDAY to put on a show you don’t want to miss. Tickets are $12 in advance and $15 at the door. To find out how to get them, head over to the Do512 event page! HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!

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TONIGHT: Show N Tell with SPEAK at The Mohawk!!

Do512 is pumped about this one! We’re joining forces with Sanctuary Printshop to bring Austin a night of all-around good. Good music, good drinks, good people, and it’s all for a good cause! Show N Tell is a benefit for Groundwork Music Project, a local nonprofit that facilitates music classes for underprivileged Austin preschoolers. All the money raised this evening goes right to teaching little kids music! Now, here’s a little bit about what we’ve got goin on for ya…

The evening kicks off at 8pm at the Mohawk with a lovely little “Happy Hour” from 8 to 9, sponsored by Lone Star and Austin’s new sweet tea infused Deep Eddy Vodka. The happiest part of this hour is that you get to check out Sons of Sherri, a pair of Austin folk masters who just happen to be brothers. I heard a rumor that Sherri herself might be joining them on keys – oh snap! I haven’t seen much better songwriting than that of Joel and Lee Sadler, and you can’t beat their mandolin, harmonica, and guitar chops.

After Sons of Sherri, DJ Hot Britches! will be takin’ over the ones and twos outside with another one of his rad and sweaty dance parties. We’re going to have Beef sandwiched between two mini-sets by The Redboys, Austin’s favorite 9 and 11 year old rockstars. Taking the stage next is one of my favorite local bands, Crash Gallery. These guys take over shows with mad tunes and a highly interactive performances. You never really know what lead singer, Ryan Lasater, will do next – he’s been known to climb trees, swing on rafters, and dance in the audience. Don’t miss these guys!

If you have yet to see SPEAK live, there is just really no question as to how you should spend this evening. SPEAK is a local electro indie pop band with a talent force propelling it straight towards success. Just selected as the “Best New Band” in the Austin Music Awards, SPEAK delivers a high energy, dancy, you-don’t-know-the-words-but-have-to-sing-along kind of show. The group just sold out of all the new EP’s, but lucky for us they are breakin’ out another batch for tonight’s show! Check out this video for SPEAK’s “Carrie” –

Closing out the evening are two bands that everyone has been talking about. I know you’ve heard of FM Campers, but have you seen them live yet? These electronic pioneers create incredible music and incorporate a unique performance style live, which always makes for a great experience. Castle Nova is up next with its highly entertaining, “electro ghettotech” music. How can you say no to that genre? This group immediately caught my attention the first time I saw them live at Hole in the Wall (that was back when they went by Steg Flex). Check out their video “I Don’t Wanna” –

In addition to all of these straight-up epic bands, Sanctuary Printshop will roll up in their El Camino mobile printshop handing out FREE SHIRTS made just for this event! Sanctuary will also have a pop-up shop on the Mohawk mezzanine, right next to the Clear Communications booth and photobooth by Trevor Ray Thompson. Trevor Ray is bringin’ in the big dogs with his well-known photobooth AND instant prints that you can take home tonight! Public School‘s DJ Will Bryant will take over the tunes upstairs while bands are going inside, definitely check out his set up on the top floor – you don’t wanna miss this guy’s pristine playlist!

We’ll have a raffle running from 8-11 for prizes like NEIL YOUNG, Kid Sister, and Free Press Summer Fest tickets, along with gift cards to local businesses and an original necklace by Austin’s own dEconstructed  dEsign. Do512 has the RSVP rollin’ on this event. Cover is $10 (remember, it’s all going to preschoolers!), but you can get in for HALF OFF (that’s $5) if you RSVP on Do512 OR have a ticket stub from the Phoenix / Two Door Cinema Club show going on down the road. RSVP is closing this afternoon, so get on it now!

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